The Holy Nails of Christ – Where did they go?

Previously, we discussed whether Christ was crucified with four or three nails.

Iron Crown of Lombardy
formed from the iron of a Holy Nail of the Cross

This time, we’ll ask, where are the Holy Nails now?

Saint Ambrose of Milan reports us that Saint Helen melted one of the holy nails into a bridle for Constantine’s horse – a very strange thing if you ask me. Tradition also relates that one of the nails was incorporated in a crown worn by Constantine. Some allege that the “the iron crown of Lombardy” is that very same crown of Constantine. Who knows if it truly is? The idea of a crown made from an iron nail of Christ is pretty impressive. It would be a humbling experience for a monarch to wear such a crown – the metal that pierced the Savior. Wow.

If anyone else has details or proof on this matter, I’d be very interested in learning more.

Taylor Marshall

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