An Epiphany Party Cocktail: The Three Wise Men

The “Three Wise Men” is the name of an interesting “stiff” cocktail and might be fun to introduce to friends on the feast of the Holy Epiphany – since the Epiphany recalls the Three Wise Men.

It’s blend of three types of whiskey: Scotch, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Since you’re blending the whiskeys, I would not use a high priced single malt Scotch whisky. Instead go for a cheaper Scotch, like Dewers, Chivas, or Johnnie Walker.

Here’s my recommended “Three Wise Men” cocktail:

1 part Scotch Whisky (Chivas).
1 part Tennessee Whiskey (Jack Daniels).
1 part Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey (Jim Beam).

You can go neat or on the rocks. Whichever you like. Enjoy and be careful not to drink too many of these. Id so, you could quickly go from being a wise man to a fool.

Happy Epiphany!

PS: A variation is “Three Wise Men and a Baby.” Same recipe as above but with a splash of milk or egg nog. This adds “holiday flavor.”

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