Please Pray 3 Hail Mary’s for this Anti-Catholic Man

HAIL MARY ALERT: Please pray three Hail Mary for this man’s conversion to the Catholic faith – James White. If everyone who reads CTales prays three Hail Mary’s for him, that will easily be over 10,000 Hail Mary’s for his soul! Let’s hope that our Immaculate Mother softens his heart and brings him into the Church.

Here’s why I want you to pray…

Many Catholics are not fully aware of how much some Protestants hate Catholicism. James White is one of those Anti-Catholics and he has made a living out of “refuting” Catholicism.

Here’s a recent example of an attack he has made against me. He calls me a “apostate, seeking to the best of his abilities, to encourage apostasy amongst others in Reformed churches and seminaries.” He also accuses me of promoting “unbiblical, anti-biblical, exaggerated, mythological, a-historical Marian dogmas.”

Here’s a full quote from his blog Alpha and Omega Ministries:

I have only a few moments as I travel to comment on an article posted yesterday by Taylor Marshall, an apostate who is seeking, to the best of his abilities, to encourage apostasy amongst others in Reformed churches and seminaries. [Post-modernism infection alert: if identifying someone as an apostate immediately offends you, consider well whether you have become so conformed to the spirit of this age that a factual, documented assertion can be a source of offense to you. Marshall, like Robert Sungenis, graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary (MAR, Systematic Theology), so to one who continues to hold firmly to sola fide and sola scriptura, such a one has fallen from his profession, hence, committed an act of apostasy.] He has recently written a book, The Catholic Perspective on Paul (as if there is only one such perspective!), which has been sent free to a handful of seminarians across the country. He is one of the primary contributors to Called to Communion, a blog outpost of primarily former Reformed men who have defected to Romanism.

You can read the rest here…Obligated to Mythology: Modern Romanism’s Continued Exaltation of Mary in the Face of Biblical Truth and Historical Reality by James White

…but don’t forget to pray three Hail Mary’s for his conversion. Even more, why don’t we all leave a comment over at his site saying that we love him and that are praying for his conversion to the Catholic Faith. Storm the gates!

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