Was Saint Paul a Catholic Priest? (A New Book!)

If you’re looking for a complete and simple resource to equip you to answer your Protestant friends about salvation, faith and works, baptism, the Eucharist, the sacraments, the priesthood, celibacy, and redemptive suffering, then this new book is for you.

My book The Catholic Perspective on Paul is now published and available at amazon.com. This book intends to show once and for all that Saint Paul was thoroughly Catholic, and that Protestant and liberal prejudices against the Catholic perspective on Paul are unwarranted. If we read Paul in his words, we find none other than the great Catholic Apostle of Rome.

Please watch the book’s trailer on YouTube to get a feel for the book:

You can also preview and purchase the book at amazon.com.

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Both the new book and The Crucified Rabbi are available at amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats:

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