Become a Catholic Two-Percenter!

When I attended Texas A&M University there was a derogatory term that you wanted to avoid at all costs. No matter what, you didn’t want anyone to call you a “two-percenter.”

The reference “two-percenter” was an analogy to “2% milk,” which is inferior to “whole milk.”

Aggies (i.e. students at Texas A&M) were labeled “two-percenters” if they didn’t have school spirit and didn’t partake in the university’s rich traditions. “Ah, you’re being a two-percenter!” was enough to jumpstart an Aggie and get them to volunteer for something.

So here’s a challenge for everyone on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary: Try to become at least a two-percenter when it comes to the Holy Rosary!

It takes about 15 minutes to pray the Holy Rosary. Given that there are 1440 minutes in each day, 15 minutes is just barely more than 1% of your day.

Will you give 1% of 1440 minutes each day to God?

If so, pray the daily Rosary in 15 minutes – 1% of 24 hours.
Yet my challenge for you is to be a “Two-Percenter”! Why not pray the Rosary twice (10 decades} every day and give 2% of your day to God through the Holy Rosary?
Come on, be a Two-Percenter and watch your life, your family, and the Church explode with grace and sanctity. Mary can obtain for you through Christ her Son, the King of endless ages.
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  • Farmer’s City Wife

    This is pretty stinkin’ amazing, Taylor :). Considering that “whole milk” is about 4% fat, I guess that means to be a “whole milk Catholic” you’d have to pray all 4 mysteries? 😀

  • Chris

    I agree that it is wonderful to pray the Rosary. However I think 15mins is rushing it a bit. Barely leaves time to meditate on the mysteries. We take at least 1/2 hour. I’m not meaning to take the more holy than thou attitude. It’s just that I think one well prayed Rosary is better than two rushed ones.

  • Margo

    I also love the picture of Our Lady at the top of your post.  One of the best I’ve seen.

  • Margo

    (Had some trouble posting this – here it is again!)  I love the 2% idea!  It takes me about 25 minutes to pray the Rosary.  I strive to pray it daily and I have received countless blessings because of it.  Thanks for an excellent post! 

  • greg

    I agree…a well-said Rosary takes a lot closer to 30 minutes than 15 minutes….15 minutes is absolutely racing through it.  Not conducive to meditating at all and turns the rosary into a “get it over with quickly” prayer

  • BHG

    First–no way can I pray my rosary in only 15 minutes–but that’s OK.  It takes a s long as it takes, and I love the time spent with Our Lord and the Blessed Mother.  But let’s take the 25 idea a bit farther.  How about working towards a tithe of our time in reflection and prayer–a little over two hours.  Breaking it up over a day, not so hard, and not even outrageous when you consider that the “average” American watches something like 4 hours of TV a day….I don’t manage that most of the time, but I keep trying….

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