Anglican Bishop John Broadhurst Becomes Catholic!!!

When I was an Anglican seminarian at Nashotah House in Wisconsin, several of us “conservative seminarians” created the “Society of Saint John Broadhurst” or “SSJB.” It was a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Anglicanism’s most feisty conservative bishop–John Broadhurst–was was especially known for his defense of the all-male priesthood within the Anglican Communion.

As a joke, about five seminarians and I created an “official website” for the so-called Society of Saint John Broadhurst. We posted articles on the “Society of Saint John Broadhurst” website that mirrored the Anglican vision of Bishop John Broadhurst. Eventually, the word got out that we were the minds behind the SSJB website, and some liberal Episcopalians filed a complaint with the seminary. We were slapped on he wrist, and asked to take down the website – which we did. Looking back, it was a stupid thing for us to do…we were immature and bored.

Well, I’m now a Catholic and I’m pleased to announce that our old “Anglican icon,” Bishop John Broadhurst has just announced that he will be entering into full communion in accordance with Pope Benedict’s Anglican Ordinariate plan.

A hearty welcome to John Broadhurst!

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