Queen of England Has Affinity with Pope and is Frustrated With Anglicanism

There are some interesting rumors about the Holy Father’s trip to England – the second papal visit to England since Henry VIII broke with Rome and established the Church of England 500 years ago.

According to this report, Queen Elizabeth who is still officially the Gubernatrix (or Governess) of the Church of England, has become more frustrated with Anglicanism and perhaps interested in Catholicism. The Telegraph reports:

sources at the Vatican claimed the Queen’s sympathy for Catholicism had increased as she had become “appalled”, along with the Prince of Wales, at developments in the Church of England, of which she is Supreme Governor. The Queen, 83, is said to have an “affinity” with the Holy Father, who is of her generation.

Wow! Let’s hope that the queen’s “affinity” with the Holy Father grows during and after his visit to her realm. Can you imagine? What if the English monarchy reverted back to Catholicism?

Holy English Martyrs of England and Wales, pray for us.

HT: Dwight Lindley

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