Father Longenecker on Evangelical Anglican Catholics

Father Longenecker has a really great post that I relate to: “Evangelical Anglican Catholics?” which also discusses the new blog The Anglo-Catholic.

Here’s an excerpt:

What happens when former Evangelicals find their way home to the Catholic Church through the Anglican Church? They bring with them into the Catholic Church a whole range of gifts from their former traditions. They bring the zeal and dedication of the Evangelical. They bring wide and deep knowledge of the Scriptures. They also bring the Anglican love of fine preaching, excellent hymns, reverent worship and beautiful language and liturgy.

By the way, Father sent me a copy of his book Listen My Son: Saint Benedict for Fathers.
It’s devotional book for fathers based on the rule of Saint Benedict. Pretty cool. It’s arranged to be read daily, and I’m going to begin it on January 1. You can get your own copy here: Listen My Son by Dwight Longenecker. If looked through it and I’m excited about it.

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