Why John the Baptist was a Levite

We learn in Luke that John the Baptist’s father was a priest and therefore a Levite. Why does this matter? Luke captures the Davidic aspect of Christ by highlighting the fact that Christ was baptized (i.e. anointed) by a Levite.

King David and all of his successors were anointed King and Messiah by Levites. John the Baptist does the honor for Christ who is the Davidic King of all Israel. Christ is anointed by the Father with the Holy Spirit through the instrumental action of the Levite John the Baptist.

This transferal from a Levite to a Judahite is the transferal of the Old Covenant to the New Covenant.

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  • honestly seeking truth

    I see the idea and importance of Christ being baptised by a levite but my interest in study is the question of Mary and Elisabeth being cousins if this blood line has been correctly followed and studied then Jesus was indeed the seed of a levite in part and the seed of David and the son of God making him the finale high priest as well as king of kings and Lord of Lords it seems God has not only protected the blood line of kingship but in a matter of speaking covered all bases how far off is this thinking