Gay Marriage and the Word "Matrimony"

Besides writing here at Canterbury Tales, I also represent “the Catholic perspective” over at Culture 11.

I recently wrote about how we we must constantly refer to “Holy Matrimony” when dialoguing about “gay marriage”. “Matrimony” is a loaded term and it excludes “gay marriage”. The term “matrimony” derives from the Latin word matrimonium.
Matrimonium comes from two words: mater (“mother”) and monium (a suffix signifying “action, state, condition”).
In other words, “matrimony” infers procreation! The term infers that someone is going to become a “mother”. The term naturally denotes a heterosexual relationship. Consequently, we should learn to lean on this word as we debate “gay marriage”, because “gay matrimony” is an impossibility.
Would you please consider helping me. Recently, my article is under attack. Would you please considering visiting the site and defending traditional marriage. Currently, the comments are more negative than they are positive. You can read the comments by clicking here.
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