New Baby Marshall born!!!

Dear friends and family,

Last night (Aug 16), Joy began heavy labor around 10:30pm, and gave birth in our home to a beautiful, healthy 9lbs, 5oz boy at 11:10pm. We named him “Becket John Marshall” after Saint Thomas Becket and Saint John the Beloved Apostle.

Although Becket is our fifth, he was our first natural birth. He was born at home (in my office!). The midwives said that it was their best birth of the month. Joy gave birth in a warm inflatable “birth pool” so the baby was born under water. Once his head was born, I did the rest and pulled him out. My first time to catch the baby.

Please join us in grateful prayer for the healthy birth of Becket John. Baptism plans are in the works.

Love in Christ,

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