The Devil, not Pope Benedict, wears Prada

During the Holy Father’s US visit, there was much buzz about the “fact” that the “pope wore Prada shoes”. Esquire magazine even named His Holiness as the “accessoriser of the year” for 2008. However, the pope does not wear Prada shoes, rather he wears what popes have traditionally worn for the last one hundred years: red leather loafers.

The Vatican newspaper, the Osservatore Romano explained: “The Pope does not wear Prada, but Christ. His worries are not about accessories, but the essential.” Nice!

By the way, if you thought Benedict has nice shoes, check out the ones worn by Paul VI:

Personally, I prefer those worn by Benedict. The shoes of Paul VI look like something that Elton John would wear.

More about the Osservatore Romano and the pope’s shoes from the Telegraph.

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