Milton’s Satanic Trinity in Paradise Lost

John Milton presents a Satanic “trinity” in Paradise Lost. We meet the three agents of destruction at the gates of Hell in Book II: Satan, Sin, and Death. Satan “gave birth” to his daughter “Sin” after pride caused in him a head ache. “Sin” came forth from his head – just as Athena came forth from the head of Zeus. Satan then entered into an incestuous union with his daughter Sin and they produce a son named “Death”.

Satan, Sin, and Death form the diabolical triad. Milton describes Sin as the image or icon of Satan. Sin is thus the “logos” of Satan. The third person, Death, functions as the opposite of the Holy Spirit, who is the Lord and Giver of Life. Satan is the “father”. Sin is the “image of the father”. Death “proceeds” from the Satan and Sin.

To make matters worse, Death raped his mother (and sister) Sin and this union brought forth “helhounds”. The whole thing is incestuous.

A rather brilliant depiction of evil.

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