Reader Survey: Which Video Course Would You Like?

I love reading your comments here on the blog. I like that you are a real person with real comments.

There are now over 8,600 daily subscribers to this blog who are part of our conversations. I can remember back in 2006 when I was dancing in the living room when 250 daily hits made my day! The numbers have changed since then, but the ideas and style are the same.

When subscribers update their profiles, there are a number of things they can tell me. I was amazed to learn that so many people want video courses. Many wanted podcasts (which I was already working on), but even more wanted video courses.

Okay, so now you have me interested. What kind of video courses would you like to see? What are you struggling and thinking about and how can I help?

If you’re interested in taking a simple, fun, and fascinating online course with me, please tell me more about courses you would like to take:

[If you don’t see the survey embedded below, don’t worry. Instead, please tell me what you’d like by clicking here.]

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Thank you for taking time to share your ideas with me. I look forward to reading your response in the survey!

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  • Thank you for all the feedback so far. Please keep in coming.

    I really want to know what you would like!

    • ck

      As for paying for the courses, could it possibly by donation. For example, I have taken the “free” Hillsdale Courses and some times I’ve had the $50 suggested donation, sometimes it’s taken me a couple of months to get it together, but then I have sent something at Christmas time or later to make up for the classes taken

  • Patti Day

    I would have liked to check everyone, but I wanted to be somewhat selective, so I kept it to 8 🙂

  • RachaelM

    Hopefully, you’ll be able to include transcripts. I’d much rather read than watch any day.

  • Fern

    Hi, I filled in the form, but used the “other” choice by putting in the GIRM, in the hopes that Catholics would learn the rules and “maybe” pass them on to their Pastors. 🙂
    I also chose 20 weeks only because there wasn’t a spot for “until” finished.

  • Dan

    I selected History of the Roman Rite (liturgical analysis). I noticed that you indicated it would be an eight-week course but I voted to shorten the time to four sessions of twenty minutes each. Maybe some time down the road there could be two or three versions of each course, varying by the depth wanted?

  • Adam

    As a graduate of Dallas Seminary and classmate of Hal Lindsey, I was by God’s amazing grace received into the Catholic Church in Jerusalem in 1974, where I taught in university for the next 25 years. Today as a convert and retired seminary professor in Cairo, I feel there is a great need to inform your students and readers of a new kind of persecution of the Church rooted in the fallacy of so-called Christian Zionism. This fallacy leads to the worst form of
    anti-Catholicism, as is evidenced by anti-Catholic writings produced by dispensationalist authors. Too, dispensationalism actually causes Christians to support very unChristian things such as Zionism and Judaizing. Dispensational theology is physically harming Christians! Christian Zionism leads Christians to support Zionism, which in turn leads to the blind support of the state of Israel and all its policies, right or wrong. Many of those policies are directed against the Palestinian people, regardless of their religion, and many Palestinians are Christians. The strange irony of our time is that many Christians in the West, including some who claim a Jewish-Christian identity, are blindly supporting an oppressive military occupation that is directly persecuting our Christian Palestinian brethren, children of the first Apostolic Christian Jews, in the very homeland of Jesus Christ. The strange irony is that while St. Paul instructed Christians to take up collections to help the poor faithful in Jerusalem during his time, Christian Zionist pastors actively take up collections to support a regime that persecutes them in our time. Christian Zionism is a heresy that must be resisted, but this can only be effectively done by knowing and understanding the place of the Catholic Church as the true “Israel of God.” Given American foreign policy, isn’t there an urgent need for such a video course?

    • Dan

      This is really interesting. I was not aware that the the Israeli state is persecuting Palestinian Christians. That makes me think a little bit differently about the issue.

      • Adam

        See the new film DVD “The Stones Cry Out: the Untold Story of the Palestinian Christians” (2013).

        • Dan

          Will do.

  • kay

    I have also taken the Hillsdale “free” courses and have given donations to them for same. If possible I would very much appreciate that kind of forum. I recently finished Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages and want to learn more. I like your style of writing as both interesting and easily understood. Thank you.

    • Ken

      I’m with RachealM. I prefer reading over viewing a video. While reading, I’m able to mull and ruminate over what was written and if need be come back a few minutes later or even the next day and wallah, I gain a better understanding.

  • Joisy Goil

    I would prefer the courses be offered in print rathen that audio form. I have problems with computer audio. I would prefer to read the lessons rather than listen.