Highly Recommended Novel about St Helen (Evelyn Waugh’s Helena)

Even  if you’re not Catholic, the novels by Evelyn Waugh are wonderful and moving. Everybody knows Waugh for his novel Brideshead Revisited, which is one of my personal favorites of all time. 
By the way, the BBC movie version (with Jeremy Irons) of Brideshead Revisited is absolutely wonderful. You and your spouse can enjoy several evenings while watching it. (Warning: Do NOT mistake the evil anti-Catholic Hollywood version of Brideshead!!! Get the BBC version!!!) 
My favorite Waugh novel, however, is not Brideshead Revisited, but rather it is his lesser-known historical fiction account of the life of Saint Helen – the mother of the first Christian Emperor Constantine. Helena is short and entertaining…and educational. Since today is St Helen’s feast day, please get this novel about her. You won’t be disappointed:

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