The Ministerial Functions of Levitical Priests

• offering of incense twice daily (Ex 30:7)
• weekly renew of the Bread of Presence on the golden table (Lev 24:9)
• clean and fill the oil-lamps on the golden candlestick (Lev 24:1).
• maintain the sacred fire on the altar for burnt sacrifices (Lev 6:9 sqq.)
• offer the daily morning and evening sacrifices, especially of the lambs (Ex 29:38 sqq.)
• present the cursed water to wives suspected of adultery (Num 5:12 sqq.)
• sound the trumpets on holy days (Num 10:1 sqq.)
• declare the lepers clean or unclean (Lev 13-14; Deut 24:8; cf. Mt 8:4)
• dispense people from vows
• appraise all objects vowed to the sanctuary (Lev 27)
• offer sacrifice for those who broke the law of the Nazirites, i.e. a vow to avoid all grape produces and every uncleanness (especially dead corpses) and to let one’s hair grow long (Num 6:1-21).
• explain the law to the people (Lev10:11; Deut 33:10)
• preserve carefully the Book of the Law (Deut 17:18)
• judge over difficult lawsuits (Deut 17:8; 19:17; 21:5)

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