Vigano Response to Pope Francis Traditionis Custodes of Pope Francis by Massimo Viglione ENGLISH

Here is full text of Archbishop Vigano’s response to Pope Francis on restricting the Latin Mass:

Lapides Clamabunt by His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò FULL TEXT PDF

Here is the article recommended by Archbishop Vigano on the Pope’s Motu Proprio regarding the Latin Mass

Hatred for the Mass of all time and the Question of Obedience by Massimo Viglione IN ENGLISH

Dear Taylor

In sharing prof. Massimo Viglione’s article, I ask you to introduce it with this mine statement.
God bless you
+ cmv

This great and powerful article by Professor Massimo Viglione constitutes one of the most lucid and profound comments on the ominous Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes. In sharing this important intervention, I intend to offer it to the reading and reflection of all the faithful, Catholics and also non-Catholics, so that each one can draw from it prophetic clarity and apostolic courage in the very hard war that we are all called to face, a war whose inevitable outcome will be the triumph of the Bride of Christ over the unleashing of the infernal powers.

This article by prof. Viglione deserves wide visibility also for showing the overall vision on the simultaneous and coherent strategy and action of the deep state and the deep church. At a time when discrimination against the unvaccinated is also adopted by the Bergoglian church, it is our duty and responsibility to resist with the utmost determination, raise our voices, denouncing what is happening and revealing what is being prepared.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop