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I know how hard it can be to find just the right speaker. When I was the Assistant Director of the Catholic Information Center in Washington DC, I was responsible for booking speakers and organizing Catholic events.

How Do You Find a GREAT Catholic Speaker?

I am convinced that great speakers either make or break a planned event, fundraiser, or conference. In my own experience planning events, I found that a successful event depends on booking a speaker who has the following five traits:

  1. The speaker possesses a polished appearance and honors punctuality. In other words, he’s professional.
  2. The speaker demonstrates authenticity, knowledge, integrity, and transparency.
  3. The speaker is “natural” in front of people. He just has the knack.
  4. The speaker communicates an explosive message that brings about a “Wow Experience” for the audience.
  5. The speaker is available before and after the presentation to meet with the audience, sign books, and answer questions. In other words, the speaker is “present” both on stage and off stage.

If a speaker doesn’t deliver on these five elements, the event tends to be unsuccessful. A bust. However, if the speaker is able to shine in these five categories, the event is an immense success. People leave your conference edified, informed, and excited about their Catholic Faith.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small retreat or a conference of 1,000 participants. You need more than a decent speaker. You need a GREAT speaker.

What You Can Expect From Me

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. Energy. I’ll present an exciting, energized, and engaging presentation that has been custom designed for your audience.
  2. Customization. I want to understand your goals and then prepare a message that will be relevant and exciting for your audience. I’m all ears. I want to create a positive experience for your group or conference.
  3. Knowledge. I will read, study and prepare for your topic with in depth research to present a message in conformity with Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal documents, and magisterial teaching. I will also be intellectually prepared for live Q&A at the end of the talk, if your group so desires.
  4. Professionalism. Promptness, communication, and organization.
  5. Promotion. If you desire to publicize your event, I will promote it to my 578,781 subscribers via my blog and followers on Twitter & Facebook.

If you want to check my availability for your event, or if you have some questions before proceeding further, please click here.

What You Should Know About Me

Here’s some information about my platform and speaking experience:

  • My blog is one of the top Catholic blogs in the world with about 400,000 unique visitors per month.
  • 48,200 daily email subscribers
  • 367,000 Facebook followers
  • 16,000 Twitter followers
  • YouTube Channel has 8,373 subscribers had over 643,555 viewings.
  • Taylor Marshall Show has over 965,926 downloads.
  • My readership extends to all six inhabited continents.
  • I have appeared on EWTN’s The Journey Home 2 times.
  • I have been on more than 100 nationally syndicated and local radio shows.
  • In 2011, I was invited to the Vatican for the Holy See’s summit for Catholic bloggers.
  • I have written five books. My most popular non-fiction book is The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism & the Origins of Catholicism and I am often asked to speak on topic related to this book.
  • I’m the author of #1 best-selling novel about Saint George title Sword and Serpent.
  • I have been speaking publicly for more than a decade.
  • I have been the keynote speaker for dozens of events.
  • As a College Professor, I stand in front of people and speak for a living. This means that I have daily practice in public speaking.

Personal Details about Me

I’m a family man and try to be very intentional about my speaking schedule so that it does not conflict with my duties as a husband, father and friend:

  • I have been joyfully married my wife Joy for over 15 years.
  • Our Lord has blessed us with 8 children.
  • We make our home in Colleyville, Texas outside of Dallas. If you need to me to fly to your event, I can fly from DFW or Love Field Dallas.
  • In my spare time I enjoy:
    • fishing,
    • hunting,
    • smoking meats,
    • fitness.
    • I’m a voracious reader.

Video Footage of Me Speaking

My experience tells me that the number one thing that event planners want to see is a video example of speaking experience. Videos reveal everything.

I am able to speak on topics ranging from Mariology, Fatherhood, Marriage, Old and New Testament topics, Thomistic Philosophy, and the Priesthood. Most people want me to share my conversion story – my path from being an Episcopal priest to a Catholic. I can create a talk that meets your needs, is heavily researched, and excites your participants.

I have given talks to:

  • a room of lawyers,
  • a collection of scholars,
  • Legatus meeting,
  • lay conferences,
  • a priest retreat,
  • seminarians,
  • high schoolers,
  • college students,
  • and even to the Prince of Lichtenstein.
  • I am flexible and ready to customize.

Below are the talks that I am asked to deliver most frequently:

  1. How I Left the Episcopal Priesthood for the Catholic Church
    This talk brings laughs and tears. It is the story of how Christ opened my heart to the Catholic Church through a variety of meetings with Rabbis, Cardinals, and even a Mass with Pope Benedict. It is my favorite talk to give.
  2. Judaism and Catholicism
  3. Old Testament Liturgy and Catholic Liturgy
  4. Old Testament Architecture and Catholic Architecture
  5. Saint Paul vs. the Protestant Reformers on the Holy Mass
  6. Was Saint Paul a Catholic Priest? Saint Paul and the Priesthood and Celibacy
  7. Introduction to the Philosophy and Theology Saint Thomas Aquinas
  8. Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law
  9. Natural Law and Civil Law
  10. How to Remain Catholic in College
  11. Saint Joseph: His Virtues and Purity
  12. Mary: Is She the Mediatrix of All Graces?

Please Check My Availability for Your Event

Due to demand and family schedule commitments, I can currently only book a few conferences or events every year.

If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please check my availability.


Dr. Taylor Marshall is honored to be a member of the Catholic Speakers Bureau.

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