Saint Joseph, Old Man or Young Man (Plus Apparitions of Joseph and His Assumption)

March 19 is the feast of Saint Joseph. Here are five posts to help you grow closer to Saint Joseph. I’m particular zealous about the debate of Saint Joseph being old and grey or young and strong. I favor the “young Joseph” theory for theological reasons as you’ll see in the article below:

saint joseph

  1. Saint Joseph, Old Man or Young Man?
  2. 12 Reasons Why Joseph was Married to Mary (from St Thomas Aquinas)
  3. St Joseph as Belonging to the Order of the Hypostatic Union
  4. The Sinlessness and Assumption of St Joseph
  5. Two Apparitions of Saint Joseph

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Saint Oswald the Leap Year Saint

It was his custom every day in Lent. Saint Oswald would wash the feet of the people of his diocese (York, England). In fact, he died on on February 29 in the year of Christ 992 (leap year) while washing feet.


Leap year reminds us that every four years we must adjust our solar calendar in order to remain true the clock of the universe.

What do you need to do to adjust yourself to God’s plan?

Saint Oswald as a bishop made an adjustment. He washed feet everyday in Lent. And he died doing so. It’s reminder that we need to make adjustments, and that such an adjustment might in fact be our new path to becoming a saint.

What adjustment will you make today? Perhaps, like Saint Oswald, you’ll be doing it some years from now in the moment you die.

Suggested “leap year adjustments”:

  1. Pray a morning offering when your eyes open every morning.
  2. Write a Thank You note daily.
  3. Tip at 20%.
  4. Read the New Testament daily for 5 minutes (set a timer).
  5. Call the elderly in your family.
  6. Go to confession weekly.

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How to do something great

How do you do something great?

I just got back from Mexico for a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe with members of NSTI. One thing that struck me is the constant imagery of Saint John Paul II throughout Mexico: statues, images, icons, and even JP2 in the graffiti. Saint John Paul II made 5 visits to Mexico and his impact is still rippling through the nation.

jp2 graffiti

Seth Godin talks about similar impact “ripples” with business. Harley Davidson isn’t just a successful business. It’s a movement. “Nobody get Suzuki tattooed on their arm,” Seth says, “but they do get Harley tattoos.”

So when you brainstorm ideas (books, stories, movements, conferences, businesses, websites, homeschool lessons, architecture, classes, etc.), ask yourself is this “tattoo worthy”? Personally and theologically, I’m against tattoos (sorry Harley dudes), but what I mean is: “Is this idea so good that people would brand themselves with it.”

If the idea is so life-changing (good or bad), then people will personally identify with it physically and emotionally. People at the USCCB should contemplate this more deeply because most Catholics don’t identify with the body of bishops because they are not inspired by what they do/say as a conference of leaders. The Republican party is in the same position. Nobody wants to say, “Yes, let me slap a GOP sticker on my vehicle.” Harley does a better job getting people excited and invested in their brand.

For “changing the world,” look again at John Paul II in Mexico. His impact was so deep in Mexico, that even graffiti artists depict him on roadsides. If you want to be a saint (you do, don’t you), you should inspire a movement that leads people to transcendence. That leads people to greatness, sanctity…and to Christ.

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The Crucifix and Your Work

Every day we do things that we love and things that we do not love. Place a small, non-ostentatious crucifix near your work. On the kitchen counter. In the laundry room. On your desk at work. If you are on a laptop at a coffeeshop, open tab and Google search one of the famous crucifixion paintings and leave it open in that tab. Here’s mine today:

Peter Gertner Crucifixion

Do your daily tasks under the shadow of the cross. You’ll find happiness and peace there throughout the day.


Catholic View of the End Times and Tribulation Plus Top 10 Episodes of Taylor Marshall Cast Show

The post popular and most downloaded episode of our weekly podcast for 2015 was: Catholic View of the End Times and Tribulation.

If you are new to the podcast, a podcast is a weekly recording that I send out on a certain topic. Click on one below and listen to it on your computer, tablet, or in your car.

Here are are our Top 10 TMShow Episodes (most downloaded) from 2015:

  1. Catholic View of the End Times and Tribulation
  2. Revelation Ch. 1 Apparition of Fiery Christ (Catholic Apocalypse Part 1)
  3. What is 666 and the Mark of the Beast?
  4. Revelation Chs. 2-3 Seven Churches and Seven Ages of Salvation (Catholic Apocalypse Part 2)
  5. Was Muhammad Evil?
  6. On the Indissolubility of Marriage and the Synod on the Family
  7. Revelation Chs. 4-5 The Lamb and Liturgy of God (Catholic Apocalypse Part 3)
  8. 3 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety and Stress
  9. St Paul on Faith and Works Catholic vs Protestant Debate
  10. Revelation Ch. 12 – Our Lady of the Apocalypse (Catholic Apocalypse Part 7)

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Did Thomas Aquinas Deny the Immaculate Conception?

Did Saint Thomas Aquinas deny the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

In the theological video below I’ll share how Thomas Aquinas changed his position over time on the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception and share some of the nuances. Thomas may have reverted back to a belief in the Immaculate Conception after he wrote about the Immaculate Conception in the Summa theologia. See the video below for details.

If you are already a student Member of the New Saint Thomas Institute, you have this video already along with the entire “Mariology Module” as well as your entire “Intro to Thomas Aquinas Module.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.33.16 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.33.34 AM

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3 Facts About St. Nicholas to Share This Christmas

Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick. Here’s a short Catholic video giving you 3 “Catholic talking points” or facts about Saint Nicholas that you can share at the office cocktail party this Advent:

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Photos: Troops of Saint George Campout

How do you:

  1. Promote Catholic vocations to the priesthood?
  2. Cultivate virtuous, manly, financially successful husbands?
  3. Attract young men and grown men to study Catholic theology?

One way you can do this is start a Troop of Saint George in your community. The Troops of Saint George is an outdoor, bushcraft, adventure fraternity for Catholic priests, deacons, fathers, and sons. Here are some photos of what we do:

This is not a rubber chicken. The boys prepared their dinner from live chickens, to plucked, to quartered, to cooked on the campfire. These young men now know how to bring a bird from yard to table. #realfood
2015-11-21 11.46.13

We have Junior Cadets (ages 6-11) and Senior Cadets (ages 12-18):

2015-11-21 10.18.13 HDR-2

Our boys love the uniform. Our uniforms are durable and look sharp:

2015-11-21 16.12.30-1

We found a Copperhead snake one night:

2015-09-25 20.01.54

We honor our priests who come out and celebrate Mass. We build outdoor chapels and altars and pews and pulpits for them:

2015-09-26 16.06.25

We chop our own firewood:

2015-09-26 14.39.31

We love our sons and teach them to become men of valor and virtue. Strength and Honor!:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.45.18 AM

Here’s what else the Troops of Saint George do:

  1. build outdoor chapels in the woods
  2. help and support our priests
  3. cut firewood
  4. fish
  5. cook all meals over the fire
  6. have Mass in the woods
  7. promote Marian devotions
  8. provide theological catechesis
  9. sharpen knives
  10. promote devotion to Catholic saints
  11. learn bushcraft and survival skills
  12. tell a lot of jokes
  13. build things like catapults and bridges
  14. teach young men how to serve Mass

I founded the Troops of Saint George in May of 2013 and we’ve grown to Saint George Troops all of the United States (and the world). We are not an arts and crafts organization. We are not a boy scout organization. We are not knights or squires or militia. We are men living in the world. We are a outdoors fraternal organization for Catholic clergy, fathers, and sons.

Our goal is to promote virtue and excellence in young men so that they respond with fire in their hearts to the priestly, religious, and marriage vocations.

Please visit our site and get started!

If you’d like to start your own Troop of Saint George, we have a starter kit for you at

If you’d like to start your own Troop of Saint George, we have a starter kit for you at

Also, please like our Facebook page by clicking here:

POLL: What color vestments did you see on All Souls Day (Nov 2)?

What color vestments did you see on All Souls Day?


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Taylor Marshall

PS: I voted that I wanted to see “black.” I’ll buy a steak for every priest who wears a chasuble like this. Limit 10.skeleton chasuble