Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Infiltration Launch Team

Thank you for wanting to join our Launch Team for Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Catholic Church from Within. We are looking for 200 “Launch Team” advanced readers who are:

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  2. give us feedback,
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  4. and help promote it when it debuts on May 20 2019 (tentative publish date).

If we select you, then your name will be printed on the last page of the book with a “Thank you” from me.

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Taylor Marshall

Dr. Taylor Marshall's Infiltration Launch Team

Please apply to be one of the 200 members for Taylor Marshall's new book: "Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Catholic Church From Within." This book traces the infiltration of the Catholic priesthood going back to the 1800s and up through the 1960s and Sankt Gallen election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis.
    Dr. Marshall has 8 books? Have you already read one? You won't be disqualified for not having read one of his books, but we'd like to know.
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218: Michael Voris and Dr Taylor Marshall: Should Pope Francis Resign (Sunday night special) [Podcast]

This is a special edition from Rome with Dr Taylor Marshall and Michael Voris from Church Militant who updates us on what’s happening in Rome with the Rome Summit and agenda of Pope Francis and Cardinal Cupich. Michael Voris addresses the question: should Pope Francis resign and step down?

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Why we need St Joseph in 2018! (Hint: Lack of Leadership)

2018 is a difficult time for all us: because we plagued by confusing leadership – both in the Church and in politics. 

Some of our moral and political leaders are either practicing or approving of moral lifestyles that do not conform to natural law: same sex attraction, divorce, child abuse, sexual immorality, adult film industry, etc. We recently had an Archbishop convicted in Australia, and the entire Bishops Conference of Chile offered their resignation to the Pope in light of scandal.

We need Saint Joseph in 2018! Here’s why:

  1. First, Saint Joseph is the ultimate human father. There was never a better human father and leader than Saint Joseph. If the world has “daddy issues,” he can help.
  2. Second, Saint Joseph is known traditionally as the “Terror of Demons.” Evil flees before the gaze of Saint Joseph. He is the chaste and holy father-figure of Christ. He protects like a good father.
  3. Third, Saint Joseph is the official Patron of the entire Catholic Church. He is the true celestial patron and guardian of the Body of Christ – both in history with the Christ Child and now the Body of Christ as the universal Church.

If you want to learn more about Saint Joseph and how he can help us in our current time, please join me for a free LIVE Catholic Webinar about the theology and devotion to Saint Joseph on Thursday night at 8pm. We will discover the “Seven Secrets of Saint Joseph” and solve the questions that most people have about Joseph. For example, was he truly married to Mary?, did he want to divorce her?, how did he die?, etc.

Space is limited so if you want to join us live and participate with me (and hundreds of others Cahtolics), please reserve your free spot by clicking here: “Seven Secrets of Saint Joseph” Catholic Webinar.

Dr Taylor Marshall

Catholic Webinar: Seven Secrets of Saint Joseph Solved

Last week’s Live Catholic Webinar on “Mary and the Eucharist” was a huge success. Over 1,100 attended in the live session!

This week I am hosting an other free Catholic Webinar on “Seven Secrets of Saint Joseph” where we will look at seven topics that are confusing when it comes to Saint Joseph, such as:

1) Was Joseph old or young? 2) Was he married before? 3) Did he want to “divorce” Mary? 4) Was he bodily assumed? These and more subjects will be covered.

Click here to register: Catholic Webinar Seven Secrets of Saint Joseph

Dr Taylor Marshall

Good Friday: Finding the Historical Date – Which Day in AD 30 or 33?

On which historical day was Jesus Christ crucified? Did it happen in AD 30 or 33?

Dr. Taylor Marshall uses Scripture, history, astronomic projections, and modern technology to calculate the exact day in history of Christ’s death for our sins. He gives you the exact date and the precise year:

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Get more online classes like this and earn a Certificate in Church History. Click her to learn more about online classes and earning your Certificate in Catholic Theology and in Church History: Easter Tuition Promotion: $1 Trial Tuition for first month.

Become Part of Sword and Serpent BOOK 3 Launch Team (Application Page)

Thank you for wanting to be part of my Sword and Serpent 3 Launch Team. All members of the Launch Team will receive a free digital copy of the novel before it’s published to the public and have their named printed in the back of the novel with a thank you message from me.

For Book 1 Launch Team, we had over 1000 applicants for the first two novels’ Launch Teams.

The Application Process is Now Closed to Public

Catholic Webinar: Was Christ Born on Dec 25? Yes!

Has the Catholic Church been factually incorrect by celebrating the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ on December 25? Did we borrow the date from pagans? Doesn’t the Bible say that Christ was born in Spring?

These are common questions during December and I want to help you know the actual history behind the December 25 date for Christ’s birthday and why it is very likely the day of His birth. Join us for this free live Webinar: God’s Birthday – Was Jesus Christ really born on Dec 25?

Last time we had over 1,000 live participants. Please sign up and reserve your spot by clicking here or the button below:

Register here button

In this Webinar you will:
  1. Discover why the Early Church Fathers believed that Christ was born on Dec 25
  2. Understand how modern research about the priestly cycle of St John the Baptist’s father helps us calculate a Dec 25 birthday for Christ
  3. Receive answers to the most common objection against Christ being born in late December

Register here button

Please register by clicking here and don’t miss this informative online event.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Men (Dr Marshalls 2016 Edition)

It’s time for the 2016 Manly Christmas Gift Guide!

For the 7th year in a row, I am featuring the Top Ten Manly Christmas Gifts for Men – stuff that men want but don’t ask for.

Manly Christmas Gifts

* If you received this post by email, you’ll want to click “Always Display Images” in your email client so that you can see the manly gift images.

Every year you’ve come to expect it, and every year I get ready for angry liberals complaining about my advocacy for pocket knives, guns, scotch, pipes, and leather.

After doing this list for 7 years, I now get stopped by wives who say, “Thanks for your annual Men’s Christmas Gift Guide. My husband loved the thermos and knife that you recommended.” Recently, a Catholic dad related to me, “My wife followed your Christmas manly gift guide. Thanks for recommending the scotch decanter. I love it.” 2 year ago we even caused Amazon to sell out of pocket Douay Rheims Bibles.

Like last year I have an improved list with more information on knives and how a lady can choose the right knife for the men in her life.

Men, it’s not bad taste to forward this post to your wife’s email account.

When your man gets back to work after Christmas and someone asks, “So what did you get for Christmas?” let him say something more than “Oh you know, a couple of new shirts and a tie.”

Top Ten Manly Christmas Gifts for Men (drumroll…)

Below is a guide for Manly Christmas Gifts: your husband, brother, or grandpa. Seriously, you can’t wrong with the following ten gifts. They’re all winners. So here we go: