About Taylor Marshall

Howdy from Texas! My name is Dr. Taylor Marshall. I’m really honored that you have visited my site. I used to have long paragraph formatted “About page” here, but I’ve cut it all down to fast and easy bullet points:

Bullet Point Bio for Dr Taylor Marshall

  • I’m allergic to peanuts, eggplant and cats.
  • I’m married to best friend Joy. We met on a blind date to a Baylor Christmas concert.
  • My wife Joy and I have seven kids…and counting.
  • I’m an Aggie. Whooop! Joy went to Baylor.
  • We live in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.
  • Theologically, I’m a rock-ribbed Thomist.
  • I was ordained as an Episcopalian priest before entering the Catholic Church. Read a brief account of Taylor’s conversion from the Episcopal priesthood to the Catholic Church.
  • Joy and I became Catholic in 2006. Although I am allowed to pursue to Catholic Holy Orders as a married man, I have discerned that I am currently called to be a married lay man.
  • I earned a PhD in Philosophy in 2011.
  • I’ve been on EWTN’s Journey Home withe Marcus Grodi twice.
  • I love the Latin Mass and Byzantine Divine Liturgy.
  • I write books about theology and philosophy. Here’s my books on amazon.
  • I write fiction, too. I have a bestselling young adult novel about Saint George titled Sword and Serpent.
  • I’ve visited the following nations:
    • Mexico
    • Canada
    • Belize
    • England
    • Scotland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Greece
    • South Africa (I’ve been on two safaris)
    • Botswana
    • China (I lived in China for six weeks as a secret missionary student.)
  • My favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I’ve written about my struggles with George Bailey Syndrome here.
  • My favorite food is Mexican. Chips, salsa, queso, and guacamole tug at my concupiscence!
  • I brew beer. My favorite creation is a beer I did with my brother: Minced Meat Christmas Ale.
  • My favorite Scotch is Oban.
  • I make videos regularly. Please visit my Youtube Channel: Taylor Marshall.
  • I produce a popular podcast called The Taylor Marshall Show.
  • I founded the Troops of Saint George, an outdoors apostolate for men and their sons.
  • I’ve blogged since 2003.
  • I founded the New Saint Thomas Institute in 2013 to provide online video theology and philosophy classes to people across the globe. We have over 1,300 students on six continents. You can join us and take online Catholic classes with me through the New Saint Thomas Institute here.

NSTI Certificate

Welcome Message

Welcome to the site and welcome to the conversation!

Maybe you agree with me. Maybe you don’t. But I believe that Western culture has fallen to shambles…

However, I’m not pessimistic about it. I also believe that the culture can be won back by employing supernatural means. Souls can be saved by promoting a rediscovery of Catholic philosophy, theology, history, art, literature, and liturgy for the greater honor and worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Goal for You

  • My goal is to help readers answer this question: “How is the Holy Spirit asking me to restore all things in Christ?” I believe that God has appointed every baptized person with a special gift and a goal. As Saint Peter taught: “As every man hath received grace, ministering the same one to another: as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” (1 Peter 4:10, D-R)
  • I post about 2-3 times every week on topics ranging from saints, liturgy, Thomistic philosophy, theology, the Church Fathers, and one of my favorite topics, Mariology.
  • I put out a new free podcast every Wednesday, which you can listen to here.

What’s the Best Way to Join the Conversation?

The best way to join in on our cultural conversation is to subscribe to this blog by email. There are over 18,500 people signed up for the daily blog posts and they love it! When you do so, you will receive an email 2-3 times per week from me. You have my guarantee that your email address will never be shared with anyone! Also, I’m not asking for money. It’s just a blog. Don’t worry. Please sign up and you’ll receive a helpful posts.

If you don’t like it, you can easily withdraw with no questions asked. There is a convenient unsubscribe button available to you if you want to unsubscribe, but I don’t think that you will unsubscribe.

If you care to contact me, please do so. The best way to do so is through Facebook. Please click here and “Like” the page that you come to. That will put us in contact.


 Here’s a video of the baptism of our sixth child:

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  • dmw

    Are you no longer associated with Fisher More College?

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  • dan hunter

    What are your reasons for leaving Fisher More?
    Thank you

    • SententiaeDeo

      I heard he posted about this on Facebook, but I haven’t checked for myself.

  • Terth

    Today is March 3, 2014. In light of the soon-to-be-infamous letter from Bp. Olson and the Rorate headline, may we have your thoughts on Fisher More College?

  • beatrice ferreira

    I need a phone number before I am dropped off because of a change in credit card number. how can I call in person.

  • Raphael Amor

    Have just founde your interesting and helpful post. I am a catholic priest and cistercian monk living in Austria, European Union. keep up the good work. God bless, Fr. Raphael Amor

  • Joseph Coronado Masaquel

    I wish you all the success in promoting the “healthful benefits” of Catholic faith all over the world.