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Howdy from Texas! My name is Dr. Taylor Marshall.


Short Bio for Dr Taylor Marshall

Taylor Marshall PhD is a former Episcopalian priest and the President of the New Saint Thomas Institute, an initiative offering theology classes to over 1,100 students in 24 nations. He is the author of The Crucified Rabbi, The Catholic Perspective on Paul, The Eternal City, Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages, and Saint Augustine in 50 Pages. He appears regularly on Catholic Answers, EWTN, and Relevant Radio. He has a highly rated podcast “The Taylor Marshall Catholic Show” and blogs at taylormarshall.com where he has 98,702 followers. He and his wife Joy have seven children (four boys and three girls) and make their home in Dallas.

Welcome Message

This is my personal blog. It’s a blog about Catholic culture. I believe that Western culture has fallen to shambles. I hope that you share this conviction with me. However, I’m not pessimistic about it. I also believe that the culture can be won back by employing supernatural means. Souls can be saved by promoting a rediscovery of Catholic philosophy, theology, history, art, literature, and liturgy for the greater honor and worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Why Do I Write Blog Posts?

  • My goal is to help readers answer this question: “How is the Holy Spirit asking me to restore all things in Christ?” I believe that God has appointed every baptized person with a special gift and a goal. As Saint Peter taught: “As every man hath received grace, ministering the same one to another: as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” (1 Peter 4:10, D-R)

How Often Do I Post?

  • I post about 2-3 times every week on topics ranging from saints, liturgy, Thomistic philosophy, theology, the Church Fathers, and one of my favorite topics, Mariology.
  • I put out a new free podcast every Wednesday, which you can listen to here.

This Blog is About a Community of People

It is becoming apparent that we live in a hostile post-Christian culture. Recall the sons of Issachar in the Old Testament: “Also of the sons of Issachar men of understanding, that knew all times to order what Israel should do.” (1 Chron 12:32, D-R) Do you know the signs of this time? Do you know what we should do? The most important aspect of this blog is the people who belong to the “commenting community.” When you read the posts, please leave a comment. By leaving a comment, you join this cultural “Great Conversation” of our time.

What’s the Best Way to Join the Conversation?

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Who is Taylor Marshall? My Personal Bio

Let me share just a little bit about myself:

  • I married my best friend Joy whom I met on a blind date to Christmas concert. Since then Joy and I have welcomed seven children into the world.
  • I keep an official “List of Goals to Accomplish Before I Die,” and having eight children has always been on that list. Now that we’re at seven, we’re closing in on that number. If God wills it, we break through that number. We’re Catholic and we love children. “And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me.” (Matthew 18:5, D-R)
  • Before we became Catholic, I served as an Episcopal priest in Fort Worth, Texas. Joy and I with the children entered into the Catholic Church at the hands of Bishop Kevin Vann of Fort Worth on May 23, 2006.
    [Please read Taylor’s Conversion Story from the Anglican Priesthood to Catholicism by clicking here.]
  • After entering the Catholic Church, I served in Washington DC as the Assistant Director of the Catholic Information Center near the White House.
  • I have since appeared on EWTN’s The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi, Catholic Answers Live, Al Kresta in the Afternoon, Brian Patrick’s Sonrise Morning Show, and a number of other shows.
  • While in Washington DC, I began lecturing on the Old Testament and Catholicism. These lectures turned into a book and then into a trilogy of books:
  • You guessed it: Writing a book was also on my “List of Goals to Accomplish Before I Die.”
  • In 2011, I accomplished another dream that I had written on my list of goals. I earned a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Dallas. I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation titled: “Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law and the Twofold Beatitude of Humanity.” (I’m looking for a publisher for it, if you know anyone.)
  • I’m a rocked-ribbed Thomist and I believe that Thomism is at the heart of everything great in Catholic culture.
  • I am also a graduate of Texas A&M University (BA, Philosophy – Whooop!), Westminster Theological Seminary (MAR, Systematic Theology), Nashotah Theological House (Certificate in Anglican Studies), and the University of Dallas (MA, Philosophy)
  • We live in Irving, Texas a suburb between Dallas and DFW airport. Our home is full of people and love. Thank you for exploring this “About” page.

I hope that you found it informative. May God bless you and I hope that you find this site useful.

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The Story of my Conversion to Catholicism (Audio Version)


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 Here’s a video of the baptism of our sixth child:

 Taylor Speaking at Fullness of Truth


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