Who was the real Saint Valentine?

So who was Saint Valentine?

In this short video I quickly explain how this Catholic Saint became associated with courtship, romance, and marriage.

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  • stephen a yelletz

    love the things you say:-ok-like all,too.

  • Craftin’ Granny

    Dr. Marshall, thank you for the St. Valentine’s video. Currently Catholics opting for a Valentine’s movie should choose to see “Old Fashioned” versus the sadomasochistic movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,’ the latter gravely immoral and capable of engraving on the human soul lifelong
    disorientation about true romantic love. Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you, Joy and children!

  • isabel kissinger

    You hair and face forms heart shape, saying, happy valentines to us all…

  • Irma

    Thank you for the video on St. Valentine! I can’t wait to share with my grandchildren.

  • Charlie

    For St Valentine’s day, I see people associate the day with not just love, but friendship as well. Where does the friendship detail come from in St Valentine’s life??