3 Secrets to Sharing the Faith: Free Live Webinar with Taylor!

Pop Quiz:

How do you convince a Protestant friend that the Catholic doctrine of Mary (or the Papacy or salvation) is 100% biblical?

Could you do it in 5 bullet points and in 5 minutes?

I’ve drafted a quick and easy 3 step process for explaining Catholic doctrines quickly and convincingly to your family and friends:

  • “once saved always saved” vs Catholic faith and works
  • the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • the Papacy
  • the Eucharist
  • and 30 other topics

That’s why I’m hosting a FREE live webinar on Monday night, July 7, at
9 pm Eastern/8pm Central

It’s called “The 3 Secrets to Convincing Non-Catholics”

Just click here to register and reserve your free seat.

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In the live, I’ll teach you:

  1. The 3 reasons why your non-Catholic family and friends need you to learn this basic system
  2. The 1 resource you need: “The Catholic Bible Cheat Sheet” >>> I’LL GIVE IT YOU FOR FREE DURING THE LIVE WEBINAR.
  3. Simple, quick ideas for creating positive and happy conversations with people who disagree with you.
  4. 3 mistakes Catholics make when talking to Protestants and other non-Catholics

Does that sounds like information you could use to grow your faith? This invite is going out to 15,000 subscribers and we will only have space for the first 100.

Register now and reserve your seat on Monday night.

If you’re not engaging family and friends with Catholic apologetics and theology, you’re missing eternal opportunities. Don’t be nervous about it. Rather, get equipped!

Don’t miss out on this free live class.

Get free teaching and a free Catholic Bible Cheat Sheet that you can print out and place in your Bible:

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Register for my live webinar (July 7 9pm Eastern/8pm Central).

Taylor Marshall, PhD

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  • Ariseandshine

    I’d love to “take a seat” but I live in Europe and the time is very inconvenient for me. Plus I have a rather connection an I dount I could really follow a webinar anyway with my cell phone. Is it possible to have a transcript of the webinar? Or at least to have the “Catholic Bible Cheat Sheet”?
    Blessings, Elena

  • Simon Naputo

    Thank you for this Dr Taylor Marshall. I wish that your webinar could be downloaded. Just like your podcast. Repetition is a way of learning, especially for slow learners like me. hehehe

  • Ryan Beggy

    Dr. Marshall, Well done! Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar. I do have a question though. Is there any way we can get a filled out version of the handout? I loved everything you had to say, but I had a hard time keeping track of where you were on the handout. Also, please do this again. I would love to hear you give a series on some of the major figures of the faith. You could call it “Aquinas in 50 minutes,” or “Augustine in 50 minutes.” God Bless, Ryan