Are you a Romantic Roman Catholic? The Romance of Religion

Way back in 2006, I was working in Washington DC as the Assistant Director of the Catholic Information Center. I was also working for Archbishop John Myers in the office for the Pastoral Provision – the means by which former Episcopalian priests become Catholic priests.

One of the files on my desk was from a former Anglican priest named Dwight Longenecker. I was organizing his dossier to be sent to Rome for approval by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. One day, as I was walking through our Catholic bookstore at the CIC, I noticed a book by “Longenecker.” It was the same man. Then I discovered that I had already read his book on the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Anyway, he is now Father Dwight Longenecker.


Since that time I have had the pleasure to know Father Longenecker more closely. I enjoy his blog over at Patheos: Standing on My Head. His writing reminds me of CS Lewis…but Catholic.

Well, he just recently released his best book ever. It’s titled The Romance of ReligionThat’s saying a lot from a man who has authored more than 15 books.

The Romance of Religion: Religious vs. Spiritual

Romance of Religion

Like a crusading preacher of the Middle Ages, Father Longenecker stands at the gates of our city begging us to join him in battle. The Romance of Religion trumpets the notes of love, sacrifice, and mystery. In an age where everyone wants to be “spiritual but not religious,” Father Longenecker challenges us to take up the cross of the only religion with romance: Christianity.

This is a great book for those of you that struggle with “being religious” and the temptation to “just be spiritual.” It also reminded me that the Gospel is radical and places a 100% claim on my soul. In short, if  your life is not a spiritual adventure, you’re not living the message of Christ. Life is Christ is the most epic journey that you can experience. Also, if you a man who has grown up under an “effeminized” portrait of Christ, you need to read this book right away.

To read a sample of Fr Longenecker’s The Romance of Religion from, please click here. I highly recommend getting it and reading it. 5 stars.

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  • Laura Nichols

    I haven’t finished this book yet, but I heartily recommend it for lovers of literature as well as those seeking spiritual insight. The writing is beautiful, and Father Longenecker refers to many stories, offering a new outlook on them as well as on the subject he’s discussing. For example, “We know that had Romeo been a practical man, he would have chosen dull friends, married the Montague next door, and inherited the family business. The noble Narnian mouse Reepicheep would have stayed home to consolidate his collection of fine cheeses, and Don Quixote would not have set off as a knight in rusty armor but would have entered a rest home to play checkers and watch daytime TV.”