Troops of Saint George Photos

The Troops of Saint George enjoyed their hard launch on January 1, 2014 and we are getting lots of photos from our chartered Troops:

ad orientem

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for Troop 1 (my troop) and Troop 5 with Msgr James Hart.

fire pit prayer with T Marshall

Lighting the fire with flint and steel.

Troop 22 representing the Troops of Saint George at the Texas Capitol:


We have are gaining so many solid Captains, Lieutenants, and cadets.

Meanwhile, Troop 5 is out camping in the cold. They texted me this photo just now:

IMG_2486.JPG (1)

And Troop 31 represented (in uniform) at the Dallas March for Life – that’s their TSG Marian banner in the center held by TSG Captain Tim O’Flaherty


Would you like to start a Catholic Troop of Saint George?


Please visit our site and complete the TSG application to begin your own TSG troop:

And make sure you read about our “Survival Ordeal” for the select Tribunes of Saint George.


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  • Excited Mom

    This is FANTASTIC! I cannot wait until my son, George, is old enough to participate! Keep up the good work and we’ll see you soon! 🙂

  • A Catholic Life

    Great to see Mass said ad orietem!!