Video: Did Thomas Aquinas Deny the Immaculate Conception?

For this month of December, I am dedicating every blog post, every podcast, and every course in the New Saint Thomas Institute to the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Everything is going to be about our Blessed Mother for 31 days without interruption. I’m consecrating my life and this apostolate to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by placing it all under her mantle.

Under Mary's Blue Mantle

To kick off our “Month of Mary,” here’s a free sample video from the New Saint Thomas Institute (NSTI) about our Blessed Lady. I hope you enjoy it and learn a ton:

“VIDEO: Did Thomas Aquinas Deny the Immaculate Conception?”

In today’s NSTI online course we accomplish the following:

  1. Establish the biblical basis of the Immaculate Conception from the Greek of Luke 1:28
  2. Discover the Immaculate Conception in the Church Fathers
  3. Focus on the Medieval debate over the Immaculate Conception
  4. Describe the 3 progressive stages of Thomas Aquinas’ thought regarding the Immaculate Conception

Usually, these courses are only for Members of the New Saint Thomas Institute. However, the Immaculate Conception is a critical topic, I wanted everyone to see this one.

I’m also offering a special offer for new Members, which you can read about below the video. Enjoy the class:

Did Thomas Aquinas Deny the Immaculate Conception?

Extra Bonus Video: PALEGAS – Seven Deadly Sins and Their Daughters by Thomas Aquinas

Special Membership Offer for Joining NSTI

A made a vow to Our Lady of Guadalupe that if she would pray for and bless the New Saint Thomas Institute, I would go on a pilgrimage to thank her in Mexico City at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Well, she has certainly gone above and beyond what I had hoped. The New Saint Thomas Institute is doing better than ever and I am planning to make a pilgrimage to Mexico City.

In honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we’re making a special Membership offer to anyone who joins between now and 3pm US Central time on December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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Current Online Video catalogue of the New Saint Thomas Institute

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  12. Can a Pagan be Virtuous? Intro to 4 Cardinal Virtues
  13. Did Thomas Aquinas Deny the Immaculate Conception? (video featured above)
  14. Is Mary the Mediatrix of All Graces?
  15. Mary as Mediatrix of the 7 Sacraments
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  17. Did Mary Experience a Painful Delivery (Scripture, Fathers, Thomas Aquinas)

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  • isabel kissinger


  • Dr. Marshall, get this: A month ago I made the resolution to start St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s “Preparation for Total Consecration” on Nov 29, which would schedule my total consecration to take place on the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, January 1, 2014, New Years Day.

    What this means is that during the entire period of preparation you will be walking me through Mariology. How amazing is that?! I take it as a sign that Divine Providence is blessing my consecration. Totally awesome!!

    P.S. – Will charter members get all the cool stuff that you are offering these newbies?! 😉

    • Yes all previous members will get all the bonuses. I should have mentioned that.

      It’s going to be a great month. In really impassioned about Our Blessed Mother.

      Thanks for the kind words.


  • JoeAllen

    Back to basics: Jesus is the New/2nd Adam and Mary is the New/2nd Eve.

    Did Adam and Eve need a Redeemer? No, because they were made perfect and made all their decisions with full understanding. The perfect Eve was made from the perfect Adam. They both freely decided to divorce themselves from God. It is only IMPERFECT PEOPLE who need a Redeemer … !!!

    Did Jesus and Mary need a Redeemer … ??? No, the perfect Jesus was made from the perfect Mary.

    • Justas399 .

      If Mary did not need a redeemed then that means she kept the Law perfectly. Where in Scripture does it say this of her? 2ndly, she did acknowledge God as her saviour which means she was aware of sin in her life.

      • JoeAllen

        Paul said the Law was made as a guide for the imperfect people of Israel. The Law was NOT made for Adam and Eve or for Jesus and Mary because they were NOT imperfect. Jesus and Mary followed the Law because they wrote the Law.

        Mary acknowledged God as her creator and herself as God’s servant, but she NEVER referred to Jesus as her SAVIOR because she did NOT need a Savior. Please give a reference in Scripture where Mary acknowledges anyone as her Savior; this would be shocking news … .

        • Justas399 .

          Luke 1:47–“And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.”

          Adam and Eve did break the Law of God which is why they were cast out of the garden.

          • JoeAllen

            You are correct. Good work. Mary acknowledges God as her Savior/Creator/Owner, but may I ask an honest question: God is Mary’s Savior from what? Death/ She was perfect and had No fear of Death. Did she ever refer to Jesus as her Savior? No, because she did NOT need to be Saved from Death (by the Resurrection).

            Adam and Eve divorced themselves from God’s protection, where-upon Satan took over the Physical universe and murdered Adam and Eve with the disease of Old Age (senescence). Satan is in the process of relentlessly murdering the entire human race, including you and men

          • Justas399 .

            There is nothing in Scripture which claims she was without sin. She is never said to be an exception to sin. Since she was conceived by to fallen human beings she would have inherited Adam’s sin through them.

            Satan did not take over the physical universe. It was God Himself Who cursed creation which brought death into it. Gen 2:16-17,3:17-19 and Romans 8:22

          • JoeAllen

            Satan became furious when God placed Adam and Eve in charge of the Physical universe. Hebrews (2: 14) tells us that the brilliant Satan invented Death as a way to exterminate humanity and gain control of the Physical universe. The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus will Resurrect humanity once Satan has exterminated us.

            When Satan tempted Jesus in the desert, Satan offered Jesus a great empire. Satan could make such an offer to Jesus because Satan is the “Prince of this world.”

          • Justas399 .

            The Roman Catholic writer Eamon Duffy concedes that, ‘there is, clearly, no historical evidence whatever for it …’ (Eamon Duffy, What Catholics Believe About Mary (London: Catholic Truth Society, 1989), p. 17). For centuries in the early Church there is complete silence regarding Mary’s end. The first mention of it is by Epiphanius in 377 A.D. and he specifically states that no one knows what actually happened to Mary. He lived near Palestine and if there were, in fact, a tradition in the Church generally believed and taught he would have affirmed it. But he clearly states that ‘her end no one knows.’ These are his words:

            But if some think us mistaken, let them search the Scriptures. They will not find Mary’s death; they will not find whether she died or did not die; they will not find whether she was buried or was not buried … Scripture is absolutely silent [on the end of Mary] … For my own part, I do not dare to speak, but I keep my own thoughts and I practice silence … The fact is, Scripture has outstripped the humanmind and left [this matter] uncertain … Did she die, we do not know … Either the holy Virgin died and was buried … Or she was killed … Or she remained alive, since nothing is impossible with God and He can do whatever He desires; for her end no-one knows.’ (Epiphanius, Panarion, Haer. 78.10-11, 23. Cited by juniper Carol, O.F.M. ed., Mariology, Vol. II(Milwaukee: Bruce, 1957), pp. 139-40).

    • isabel kissinger

      You made me very happy, dear brother Allen…Jesus and Mary blesses you abundantly.

    • matt

      The Catholic understanding is that Mary did indeed need a redeemer, and her redeemer was Christ. However, the grace of Christ was applied to her at the very moment of her conception, so she was never stained by original sin. The document promulgated by Pius IX says that she was preserved from original sin “by virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, Saviour of the human race.”

      • JoeAllen

        I am Catholic and here is my understanding:

        Adam was made perfect. Eve was also perfect because she was made from the perfect Adam. Likewise, Mary was made perfect so that Jesus could be made from her and share in her human perfection. The symmetry is over-powering because the truth is over-powering.

        • dvrcthewrld

          I get your thought, but Mary, as a natural member of the human race, needed the merits of Christ in order to be made perfect. So, yes, she was made perfect, but the means involved redemption in the instant of her conception.

          • JoeAllen

            Adam and Eve were made perfect and would have remained perfect if they had remained married to God. However, they divorced themselves from God and God’s protection; this enabled Satan to murder them. If Adam and Eve had remained married to God, there would be NO need for a Redeemer because there would be NO degeneration and death.

  • Justas399 .

    No one has any grounds to believe in the immaculate conception of Mary since the scripture never mentions it.

    • JoeAllen

      Read the Book of Revelation (11: 19 to 12:6), John sees “The Ark of the Covenant” in heaven and immediately describes a pregnant women who is arrayed with the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, and who gives birth to a Son who will rule all of creation. I will leave it to you to … connect the dots.

      • Justas399 .

        Raymond Brown and J.A.
        Fitzmyer, editors of the Jerome Biblical Commentary (2:482):

        “a woman: Most of the ancient commentators identified her with the Church;
        in the Middle Ages it was widely held that she represented Mary, the Mother of
        Jesus. Modern exegetes have generally adopted the older interpretation, with
        certain modifications.

        In recent years several Catholics have championed the Marian
        interpretation. Numerous contextual details, however, are ill-suited to such an
        explanation. For example, we are scarcely to think that Mary endured the worst
        of the pains of childbirth (v. 2), that she was pursued into the desert after
        the birth of her child (6, 13ff.), or, finally, that she was persecuted through
        her other children (v. 17). The emphasis on the persecution of the woman is
        really appropriate only if she represents the Church, which is presented
        throughout the book as oppressed by the forces of evil, yet protected by God.
        Furthermore, the image of a woman is common in ancient Oriental secular
        literature as well as in the Bible (e.g., Is 50:1; Jer 50:12) as a symbol for a
        people, a nation, or a city. It is fitting, then, to see in this woman the
        People of God, the true Israel of the OT and NT.”

        • JoeAllen

          Very reasonable alternative interpretation when you study Chapter 12 in isolation. But when John wrote the Book of Revelation, he did NOT separate the Book into chapters. Verse 11: 19 was joined intimately with the first 6 verses of Chapter 12. Here’s the question: Is it more reasonable to associate the Ark of the Covenant with a pregnant woman or with the Church? Did the Church give birth to Christ, or did Christ give birth to the Church?

          • Justas399 .

            Notice what Brown and Fitzmyer say about the woman–“Furthermore, the image of a woman is common in ancient Oriental secularliterature as well as in the Bible (e.g., Is 50:1; Jer 50:12) as a symbol for a people, a nation, or a city.”

            Mary is not a type of ark but Jesus is. In Jesus we have Him keeping the Law of God perfectly (10 commandments on stone), He is the bread of life (jar of manna) and Aaron’s rod represents comfort and protection to the obedient. Surely these things are seen in Jesus and not Mary.

          • JoeAllen

            Note that the Law and Manna and Scepter were INSIDE the Ark, just as Jesus was inside Mary. Mary gave birth to a Son who is to rule all of creation. How can “the Church” give birth to a Son … ???

            God bless you and thanks for the in-depth discussion.

          • Justas399 .

            What use is an empty ark? That is what she would be after His birth. Yes this is a good discussion.

          • JoeAllen

            Do you honor your own mother any less because she is now an “empty ark”? Did King Solomon honor his mother any less because she was an empty ark:

            “Bathsheba went to visit her son Solomon, the new king … and King Solomon stood up at his throne to greet her, and then he bowed down to her and had a 2nd throne placed at his right hand for her.” (1 Kings 2:18)

            Jesus will do the same for His mother, and she will co-reign with Him.

    • Did you watch the video where we showed it from Scripture?

      • Justas399 .

        Yes, and you did not show from Scripture that Mary was conceived and without sin.
        “Hail favored one” is actually used by the New American Bible which is a RC translation. As for the meaning of “hail favored one” means “χαριτόω
        charitóō; contracted charitó̄, fut. charitó̄sō, from cháris (5485),
        grace. To grace, highly honor or greatly favor. In the NT spoken only of the
        divine favor, as to the virgin Mary in Luke 1:28, kecharitōménē, the perf. pass. part. sing. fem. The verb charitóō declares the virgin Mary to be highly favored, approved of God to conceive the Son of God through the Holy Spirit. The only other use of charitóō is in Eph. 1:6 where believers are said to be “accepted
        in the beloved,” i.e., objects of grace.[1]
        [1]Zodhiates,S. (2000, c1992, c1993). The complete word study dictionary : New Testament (electronic ed.) (G5486). Chattanooga, TN: AMG Publishers

        As you can see this has nothing to do with her being sinless. Mary being a sinner does not in any way pass on the sin nature to Jesus since it is through man that the sin of Adam is passed on to the race. See Romans 5:12.
        Since Jesus had no biological father, He did not inherit the sin of Adam because He had no human biological father.

        Just because God can do something does not mean that He has indeed done it. That is an error in reasoning.

  • Steve

    I’ve always wondered if Mary was baptized. Is there any authority one way or another on this, and if she was, what would be the exact purpose of it?

    • Justas399 .

      No mention of it in Scripture. However, since was with the disciples in the upper room after the resurrection I would think she would have been since it was a sign of identifying with Christ in His death and resurrection.

    • There is a tradition, identified by Cornelius a Lapide, that she was baptized – not of necessity on account of sin, but to conform to Christ in all things.

      I wrote a post on the baptism of Mary here:

      • PS: There’s a tradition that Christ only baptized 2 people Himself:

        Mary the Mother of God and Peter the first Pope

  • Victor

    Whow and double whow!

    Doctor Marshall, after having read all of this post, I just might have to listened to those two videos again cause they are full of knowledge, well as far as I’m concern anyway. I must say that from my old age and my un educated early years experiences, you’re truly on the right track.
    As for our Blessed Mother Mary, I recall that when I was in grade five, our Catholic School under the influence of Father Francis Blais who was in charge of our Saint Paul school back then, politely through the teachers insisted that all of his students during the month of “MAY” go and pray at a Statue of our Blessed Mother Mary and I’m now glad he did. Anyway back then, that statue was stationed across from our church with beautiful flowers all around and this church named Holy Angels but in French was built in 1954 and is no longer used as a church. As I was about to say, with all sincerity and not telling anyone but our Lady, I put all of this praying to a test and that same year, I don’t want to write a book about it but I did receive at least “ONE” clear cut true miracle.

    Long story short while trying to stay on topic, I’ll say that had I not asked with a sincere heart, no amount of faith could have help me see those miracle. I believe that all the LOVE that my reality and spiritual godly muster seed cells can muster UP is no good without a human sincere heart cause that how GOD (Good Old Dad) wants to tell U>S (usual sinners) His Truth. If HE’s not for real then HE’s The Biggest Liar who ever walked this earth and all of us Catholics are simply taking UP Space. 🙁

    I better close now by saying that I can just imagine you walking into a bar with all those bikers thinking that you were really J.C. and I guess that a great movie of that could be made of these bikers asking The Angels Gabriel, Michael and your Guardian Angel who would be accompanying you of course if YA truly were for real now? 🙂

    God Bless

  • Mary

    I think I missed the notes below the video. Where can they be found? Thank you.

  • Denise Beaudoin

    I became a member today. I did not get the first five extra benefits however listed above. I have viewed masters courses videos on virtues and they are wonderful. Thank you!

  • disqus_UypOZ4gW0R

    This was a terrific newsletter! I loved the videos …I wish so much I had the extra $25 a month to join. I see how much the members are learning and in turn growing in their faith. Thank you so much for sharing them. Kelly, Mesa, AZ