Snapshot of My Life October 11, 2013

Here’s a snapshot of my life as of today.

Outside my window…

Irving, Texas. 72 degrees. Joy wanted to drink morning coffee (green tea for me) on the patio, but my fierce Fall allergies had me second guessing this!

The other day, our kids dressed up as Super Heroes for Faustina Academy‘s homecoming week celebration (the whole school did this – the Marshall’s aren’t that weird):

photo (13)

Spider Man, Hawkeye, Batgirl, Captain America, Wonderwoman, and Ironman (?)

Today so far…

Morning mental prayer (interrupted – I’ll get back to it later today). Greek yogurt and green tea. I’m guest hosting Drew Mariani’s 3 hour Catholic radio show on Relevant Radio today. I’ve been his guest, but never the host!

Today is also our Parish’s patronal feast day “Mary Mother of God” (in the Extraordinary Form calendar – our parish is FSSP).

One word to describe this past week…

Blessed! On Sunday night before the launch of the New Saint Thomas Institute, I was so nervous. On Monday morning, Joy and I sat at the computer and Adam Anderly opened the registration. The screen read 11 Members! “Joy there are 11! It’s working.”

I refreshed the screen and 3 seconds later: “109 Members already!”

I refreshed the screen. I look at Joy “We already have 211 Members, people actually do want this.”

Both of our eyes teared up. It was an emotional time. I prayed a Glory Be, and I’ll be honest. I cried a little.

So much planning, work, and gut-fear gone into this project.

We filled the 500 Charter Member spots on Monday’s opening day. It was crazy.

The feedback has been 100% positive. I have literally had no negative feedback. Everyone loves it so far. The Member Forum is alive and growing.

Just this week our Members have watched 480.3 hours of video courses! In a physical classroom, it was impossible to accomplish something like this! Pope Benedict was right, we can use technology for the Kingdom of God!

We have reopened enrollment if you’d like to join. The 20% initial discount given to the group on Monday is not available, but we kept the tuition at $25 per month. We will be gradually raising this to $40 per month, so if you want to join, this is the time to do it.

If you want to enroll in the New Saint Thomas Institute or just watch our “About” video, please click here.


I am thankful…

For all the new Members of the New Saint Thomas Institute. You guys are great. You’re already asking great questions, leaving good comments, and helping each others with theology questions. It already feels like a theological community!

I’m especially grateful to Adam Anderly who is creating an awesome website for the New Saint Thomas Institute. I’m also grateful to Michael Brown, Ben Durham, and Rick Anderson for the amazing video editing and film production for this courses.

I am thinking about…

Way too much. I’ve had trouble sleeping. I’m thinking of new courses on Latin, new courses on Logic (we recorded 2 yesterday), and a new course on Thomas Aquinas on the 7 Deadly Sins.

On the blog…

I owe an apology. I did not get out my 5 blog posts this week. It’s the first time in months. Don’t worry. I’ll be back in the saddle on Monday. The New Saint Thomas Institute will not effect this blog. It will still be the same with regular quality posts 5 days per week – Monday through Friday.

I am creating…

an intro course to Latin for the New Saint Thomas Institute. Yesterday we began a series that will be an introduction to Logic.

I am reading…

just Psalms and Proverbs right now.

I am praying…

for peace and rest. A slower pace. A friend who just lost his job. A friend in the hospital. Our friends who are with child.

Praying for my wife and children.

I am listening to…

I’m still listening to Si Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty fame) book on audible: Si-Cology. It’s okay. I’m bummed that Silas only narrates parts of it and not all of it.

si robertson bok

Clicking around…

and spending hours in the NSTI Member Forum.

Around the house…

I fixed the Suburban’s flat tire! This weekend I’m going to trim the trees and bushes in the front yard.

One of my favorite things…

Little children between the age of 2 and 3. They begin to talk and say the cutest things. Today, Blaise said, “This is a remote. It has batteries.” Kinda profound for a little mind. He then said, “I want to watch Wild Kratts.” And whenever I tell him not to do something, his reply is “stop talking.”

A few plans for this weekend…

Tonight will be a slow relaxed night with the family.

Tomorrow on Saturday, I’ll be speaking at a men’s retreat in Carrolton, Texas. If you’re in the DFW area, please join us. Here’s the time and venue. Here are the topics:

  1. “Saint Joseph: Pattern for Leaders, Husbands, and Fathers”
  2. “The Catholic Man: Why We Lost Catholic Masculinity and How We Can Restore It”
  3. “Liturgy of Life: 9 Practical Ways to Take Your Spiritual Walk to the Next Level”

On Sunday, I’m celebrating my brother’s birthday with our family!

Life is good because God is good!

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  • Andrew Medina

    Break a Leg on Drew’s show today. I’ll be praying for you. Wait does that mean you’ll be praying the Chaplet? That’ll be awesome.

    • Dr. Taylor Marshall

      Did you hear the show?

  • Kate

    Don’t worry about neglecting the blog, you sound busy! Congratulations on your success.

    Out of curiosity, do you allow your children to dress up for Halloween? My husband despises the idea and thinks it offensive to God. While I support him, I think he is taking it a bit too far and think he needs some good Catholic guidance on the issue. Thanks!

    • Dr. Taylor Marshall

      Our kids typically dress up as Catholic Saints.

  • Gerry Davila

    That’s Iron Patriot.

  • RachaelM

    I really enjoy your snapshots. I hope you’ll keep posting them. As a healthcare practitioner, I’m giving you a warning. You need to make rest a priority, and either delegate some of what you’re doing and intending to do, or prioritize what you can truly accomplish now, and put the rest aside. You are already getting warning signals – the racing mind, the difficulty sleeping, and a few balls dropped that hadn’t happened before (like the blog). If you don’t take steps NOW to lighten your load, and willingly and voluntarily build in more rest-time and slower-pace activities, you’re going to either get sick or have an injury which will force you into rest mode. You are in a position of leadership … in your home, in the new St Thomas school … in your church … in the wider Catholic community. The message you are sending of frenetic activity is not a good one to be modeling. Just sayin’ ! I will pray for you for discernment of what is going on.

    • Dr. Taylor Marshall

      Dear RachaelM,

      Ave Maria. So true. Don’t worry. I had a nice relaxing weekend. The pace will slow.


  • RachaelM

    On another note, I hope you will make available a transcript of your presentation, or your notes, on “The Catholic Man” and “Liturgy of Life.” I would be very interested in learning the material. I’m sure you’ll wow ‘em! :-)

  • Jennifer Morgan

    “Stop talking” that is hilarious! These are my favorite blog posts!

  • isabel kissinger

    Dr. Marshall, you have received blessings from God’s Wisdom:

    Proverbs 2:1-22 My son, if you receive my words and treasure my commands, Turning your ear to wisdom, inclining your heart to understanding; Yes, if you call to intelligence, and to understanding raise your voice; If you seek her like silver, and like hidden

    treasures search her out: Then will you understand the fear of the LORD; the knowledge of God you will find; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding; He has counsel in store for the upright, he is the shield of those who walk honestly,

    Guarding the paths of justice, protecting the way of his pious ones. Then you will understand the rectitude and justice, honesty, every good path; For wisdom will enter your heart, knowledge will please your soul, Discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard

    you; Saving you from the way of evil men, from men of perverse speech, Who leave the straight paths to walk in ways of darkness, who delight in doing evil, rejoice in perversity; Whose ways are crooked, and devious their paths; Saving you from the wife of another, from

    the adulteress with her smooth words, Who forsakes the companion of her youth and forgets the pact with her God; For her path sinks down to death, and footsteps lead to the shades; None who enter thereon come back again, or gain the paths of life. Thus you

    may walk in the way of good men, and keep to the paths of the just. For the upright will dwell in the land, the honest will remain in it; But the wicked will be cut off from the land, the faithless will be rooted out of it.

    Sirach 6:18-37 My son, from your youth embrace discipline; thus will you find wisdom with graying hair. As though plowing and sowing draw close to her; then await her bountiful crops. For in cultivating her you will labor but little, and soon you will eat of her fruits. How

    irksome she is to the unruly! The fool cannot abide her. She will be like burdensome stone to test him, and he will not delay in casting her aside. For discipline is like her name, she is not accessible to many. Listen, my son, and heed my advice; refuse not my counsel.

    Put your feet into her fetters, and your neck under her yoke. Stoop your shoulders and carry her and be not irked at her bonds. With all your soul draw close to her; with all your strength keep her ways, Search her out, discover her; seek her and you will find her. Then

    when you have her, do not let her go; and she will become your joy.Her fetters will be your throne of majesty; her bonds, your purple cord. You will wear her as robe of glory(Blessed Virgin Mary’s scapular), bear her as your splendid crown. My son, if you wish,

    you can be taught; if you apply yourself, you will be shrewd. If you are willing to listen, you will learn; if you give heed, you will be wise. Frequent the company of the elders; whoever is wise, stay close to him. Be eager to hear every godly discourse; let no wise saying

    escape you. If you see a man of prudence, seek him out; let your feet wear away his doorstep! Reflect on the precepts of the LORD, let His commandments be your constant meditation; Then he will enlighten your mind, and the wisdom you desire he will grant. Happy

    the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding! For her profit is better than profit in silver, and better than gold is her revenue; She is more precious than corals, and none of your choice possessions can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand, in

    her left are riches and honor; Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace;

    To God’s Word through His Wisdom / Ad Jesum per Mariam