How to Make a Backyard Shrine to Mary (October Project)

October is the Month of Our Lady of the Rosary. Making a backyard shrine to Our Blessed Lady is a great Fall family project.

Here’s a “how to” video that I made with my family on how to make you own backyard shrine. We used scrap wood and a pretty statue of Our Lady. Give it about 4 seconds to hear me talking about how we did it:

If you cannot see the video in your email, please click here.

We had a GREAT time.

Question: Have you made a shrine? Tell us about it! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • maria

    which our lady is this -is it the our lady of mercy?

  • Patricia

    We have two statues in our backyard. One is of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the other smaller one is Mary. The Sacred Heart statue is in an arbor of grape vine. We always need to prune it heavily. Our Lady’s statue is between two small rose bushes. Both statues are for outdoors, so weather does not harm them. But I like the little shrine you built. If I put on shingles, however, I would put them crosswise to what you have done, as I do not think any roofer would put shingles on a house in the manner you did. But what a fantastic craft to do with your children!

  • Terry Fenwick

    I love it – such a wonder finding yourself Catholic and loving on the Blessed Mother so much. Life is wonderful

  • Cheryl Biermann

    Great project. We have put in a grotto, we used some ugly Missouri limestone then put nicer bought rocks on top, around our statues feet we have pea gravel. It is built into a hill side which has been terraced and we have a small pond and pump below in a garden setting. We have a section at the bottom in pavers and a split log kneeler we made in perfect position to look up and pray. The split log is wide enough to sit on so if we want to meditate or read we can use it as a bench too. It puts you in a peaceful frame of mind for contemplation and prayer.

  • Justas399 .

    After reading this I thought of Exodus 20:3-6 and Isaiah 44:9-20

  • Christine

    Oh!!! What a wonderful post, I just bought a new house with 1.5 acres
    . I’d like to have a shrine and was wondering how to make my own. I have lot’s of room for several statues and little gardens dedicated to The Sacred Heart and the Blessed Mother and my favorite Saints.

  • isabel kissinger

    thanks, i’ve enjoyed viewing how it was done. i love our MOTHER, too.

  • Maria

    Your boys are precious! I have tons of pictures that I could send you of my multiple prayer gardens in our yard. Since I created a Prayer Garden, I tried to plant roses that followed the theme…”Heaven Sent”, “Our Lady of Guadalupe”, “Stairway to Heaven”, Pearly Gates, and “John Paul II Rose”

    Also have “Madonna Lilies”, a flower that goes back 2000 years.

    Here a few faves… God bless!!!

    • leanndecker

      Maria, where did you find the Madonna lilies? I would love to know more about your garden. I am working on a Mary Garden for a charity that helps women keep their babies.

  • gpallen

    beautiful shrine. in our yard we added fourteen stepping stones so we could have our outdoor rosary!