Free Book is Ready: Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages

Your free book, as promised on March 29 2013 is now ready for you. On my birthday (March 29), I promised a free gift to you. I let the readers pick which book I would write for you and you chose Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages. It’s now ready and wrapped.

Our Inner Circle of volunteers read the book, and made wonderful suggestions. Also, our amazing Catholic graphic designer Steven Nelson (see his portfolio here) reworked the book cover because the original one (with Thomas in the zero of “50”) made Thomas look really fat and obscured the zero in “50,” making it look like “Thomas Aquinas in 5 Pages.” Thank you to everyone who picked up on that!

I love the new version. Steven Nelson changed the “50” and added the Eucharistic sunburst for the word “in.”

So the new book ships out to all 6,351 subscribers on Friday May 31 – Feast of the Visitation. That’s a lot of free books. If you’re an email subscriber, you’ll get the book in pdf format. You don’t need to do anything more. If you want the free book, sign up by clicking here. (We’re not doing a paperback version at this time. Shipping would be way too expensive.)

I won’t keep this book up for that long. I have many other free book ideas. So if you want the book, please sign up now and get it Friday. It will come in an email with a download link.

If you’re already signed up, please share this friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter if you think they’d also like the free book. It’s a free gift and it doesn’t cost me any more if 6,000 people receive it or 60,000 people receive it.

Again, they can sign up by clicking here.

I just want to make the world a more Thomistic place!

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Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages
Over 15,000 copies downloaded! This is a quick and easy way to learn the basic philosophy and theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas. The Popes of the last 300 years have endorsed St Thomas Aquinas. Learn more through this accessible resources. Download it for free.

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  • Maureen H.murphy

    I would like to receive two copies of Thomas Aquinas for myself and my children. My husband was baptized Thomas Aquinas and it would be a special gift for the family. Thank you.

  • Christie

    Dr. Marshall,

    I was reading the book, which is excellent, and had a question that I was hoping you could help me with. On page 25, you discuss why God can’t be more than one, and you give two reasons; 1) He is without parts and undivided, and 2) He is infinite. Then you say there can be only on First Cause and Unmoved Mover. I don’t really see why any of those attributes of God necessitate that there is only one God. If you have time, could you expound upon that for me please?