How to Enroll in the Angelic Cord of St Thomas Aquinas for Holy Purity

Thomas Aquinas being girded with the Miraculous Cord

I don’t know about you, but I get bombarded with immodesty every day. Billboards, the way people dress, commercials, TVs in restaurants, lewd conversations – it’s almost enough to drive you into a Carthusian monastery.

A few years ago at the March for Life, some of my students and I were enrolled in the Miraculous Cord of Saint Thomas Aquinas. St Thomas received a miraculous cord around his waist form angels and he never agains suffered lustful thoughts or actions. Yesterday on the radio program and on the blog, I spoke about how I wear the Cord or Girdle of Saint Thomas Aquinas. I received an amazing amount of feedback via phonecalls, email, and social media about this. People really want to learn more about this wonderful sacramental.
First, when I say that I wear the “girdle of Thomas Aquinas,” it’s a sacramental and no, it’s not like a women’s girdle! It’s a thin cord worn around the waist. It has 15 knots for the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary given to St Dominic. I shouldn’t have used the term “girdle.” The word “cord” is much better!
It is a sacramental approved by the Catholic Church, similar to the Brown Scapular. In my opinion opinion the Brown Scapular is more important, but why not wear both? Unlike the Scapular that is worn on the shoulders, the Cord of St Thomas Aquinas is worn around the waist under your clothes. The Cord of Saint Thomas Aquinas is a devotional prayer for holy purity – to avoid all thoughts and actions that would be lustful.
Please consult the beautiful website set up by the Dominicans in Washington, DC. They have a step by step process for being enrolled in the Cord of St Thomas Aquinas and the prayers that you should say. They also have a way for you to obtain the Cord of Saint Thomas Aquinas:

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