The New Book *The Eternal City* about the Rome and Catholicism is Available at

My new book The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholicism is now available. Regrettably, it was delayed by about a month. It became available on yesterday. I’m very excited about it and I hope that you’ll read it.

The Eternal City seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. If Christ was crucified and rose again in Jerusalem, why is the Kingdom of God manifested as the ROMAN Catholic Church?
  2. How do Daniel and the prophets prophecy about the ROMAN Catholic Church?
  3. Was Christ truly born on December 25? (Yes, He was. I defend it thoroughly)
  4. What is the significance of Christ being crucified on a Roman cross?
  5. Is the Latin language significant and redemptive? (Yes it is)
  6. Was Saint Peter the First Pope?
  7. Has Saint Peter’s body been found underneath the Vatican? (Yes, the book gives the history of the excavation and findings)
  8. How does the Book of Revelation relate to Rome and the Antichrist?

These and other questions are answered in The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholicism.

My first book The Crucified Rabbi sought to demonstrate that Christ and His Catholic Church are the perfect fulfillment of over three hundred Old Testament Jewish prophecies. The Crucified Rabbi was a book about how Catholicism rose out of Judaism. This third book The Eternal Cityis a book about how Catholicism rose from within pagan Rome. The first book was one about Jews. This last book was about Gentiles. Conclusion

The middle book The Catholic Perspective on Paul was a book of mediation standing between the Jews on one hand and the Gentiles on the other. How is it that the redemption of Christ apples to both Jews and Gentiles? What is the nature of the universal Church and her sacraments? These important questions are answered by Saint Paul.

Of the three books, I believe that The Eternal City is the most important. We live in an age of misguided ecumenism in which every well-intended idea and religion must be not only tolerated but celebrated. To the extent, then, that the Catholic Church ignores her Roman identity, she forgets her ancient nobility. Our claim that the Church is Roman affirms her connection to the historic Christ who was born under Augustus Caesar and crucified under Pontius Pilate. To affirm that the Church is Roman is to magnify the mercy of Christ who did not leave us as orphans but sent the Holy Spirit to guide the Popes reigning from the city of Rome. The Roman identity of the Catholic Church reveals that she is unique, not only among all the religions of earth, but especially among the various Christian denominations with their contradictory doctrines.
I hope that you’ll read the new book and share your feedback. My email address is in the back of the book and I’d love to hear from you personally. It’s important that we understand how God planned for His Church to be Roman and how this effects our understanding of the New Testament and Church History.
Please read the book and let me know what you think.
ad Jesum per Mariam,
Taylor Marshall, PhD
PS: I’d really appreciate it if you would rate the book at after you read it. It is a big boost.

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