Vatican City Has the Highest Crime Rate in the World – Why?

Vatican City, the small sovereign nation of the Pope in Rome has a higher crime rate than any other nation of the world – and that’s saying something since it is populated by the Holy Father, Cardinals, and nuns!
Vatican City has a reported 1.5 crimes per citizen. However, it is not the nuns and cardinals committing the crimes. Vatican City experiences an extremely high rate of crime on account of the fact that it is swarming with awestruck tourists and opportunist pickpockets. Due to its low population and high rate of theft, it has the highest crime rate.
By the way, when I was once at the Vatican I left my camera at the security check point. When I went back for the camera it was gone. A security agent led me away from the Vatican a few blocks and then into an unmarked building. We went up some stairs and there I was in a secret security room with video monitors. My camera was there and it was returned to me. 
As a I left and walked by St Anne’s Gate a black car drove up and the Pope Benedict XVI got out of it. I hollered “Viva Papa!” and he waved at me. True story. If I hadn’t lost my camera, that would have never happened. I was still an Anglican at the time. Perhaps Christ allowed me to see His Vicar that one time to push me over the edge.

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