Fathers, Give Your Children a Gift: Pray with them the Rosary 365 days for 18 years!

The father of Holy Father John Paul II
He prayed nightly on his knees

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Fathers, consider giving a gift in return. The best gift you could give to your children is to lead them in praying the Rosary every night with your family: for each child that’s the Rosary 365 nights a year for 18 years.

  • That’s 348,210 Hail Mary’s with “pray for us…at the hour of death”! (multiply that number times how many children you have)
  • Also, praying will become for your children as natural as getting dressed or brushing their teeth.
  • When they go to college, they’ll have a habit of praying the Rosary.
  • They will also have the life of Christ thoroughly memorized because of the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.
  • Everyone in your family who participates in the daily family Rosary can potentially receive a plenary indulgence every day (the usual conditions apply).
  • You’re family will come together around Jesus and Mary every day – great memories. Blessed John Paul II said that he owes his vocation to seeing his dad praying on his knees every night. How many children have never seen their father on his knees in prayer? Why not make this a daily practice and lead by example?
Happy Fathers Day. Be a father, and hold the spiritual reigns of your home.

ad Jesum per Mariam,
PS: Having a hard time establishing the daily Rosary in your home? Here are 12 tips for praying the Family Rosary daily (please click here). 

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