Saint Clement: Pope, Theologian, Martyr (Bryan Cross)

My buddy Bryan Cross put up an excellent post today entitled: St. Clement of Rome: Soteriology and Ecclesiology. Please check it out.

Here’s an excerpt:

Today, November 23, is the memorial of St. Clement I, pope and martyr. St. Clement was the third bishop of Rome, after St. Peter. He is known to us mostly through his famous letter to the Church at Corinth. Here I present a brief summary of what we know from later Fathers about St. Clement, and then examine what we learn from St. Clement concerning soteriology and ecclesiology.


I. What we know about St. Clement

II. St. Clement’s Soteriology

III. St. Clement Ecclesiology

Read the whole thing at Called to Communion: St. Clement of Rome: Soteriology and Ecclesiology

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