My New Book Will Be Out Soon!

The new book The Catholic Perspective on Paul will be out pretty soon. We’re excited. I really like the cover designed by Steven M. Nelson…simple and clean:
If you’re going to purchase the previous book The Crucified Rabbi, please hold off for two weeks. It’s being reprinted with a new book cover that matches the style of the The Catholic Perspective on Paul (pictured above). So if you want to get the new cover, wait about two weeks. The new version of The Crucified Rabbi is exactly the same as the original book, just a different cover. So it doesn’t matter which cover you have – it’s the same text.
The book trailer for The Catholic Perspective on Paul is also up on Youtube. Please take a look at it and tell us what you think:

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I’ll put up a free chapter download from the new book on Paul for “Canterbury Tales subscribers” in the next week so you can get a preview of the book.

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  • Simon D

    Sounds like a good book. Just an observation about Romans 3:28: Luther indeed added the limiter “alone” to faith (“So halten wir nun dafür, daß der Mensch gerecht werde ohne des Gesetzes Werke, allein durch den Glauben”), but while English-speaking Protestants may have been influenced by Luther’s theology their Bible translations–from Wycliffe to King James to NIV to ESV–do not reproduce this abuse.

  • Clint

    So are you saying those of us who bought the older version of The Crucified Rabbi now have a collectors item given the cover change?  Ebay here we come!

  • David H

    Hah! The Crucified Rabbi just arrived yesterday. Oh well.

    I love what I have read so far.