Should I be Saint Dominic or Saint Thomas Aquinas for Halloween

For Halloween in the past few years I’ve been Saint Nicholas, Saint Joseph, and last year I was Saint John Bosco.

This Halloween, I’m working on a costume to be either St Dominic or St Thomas Aquinas for Halloween. Who should I be, the Hound or the Dumb Ox? Help me decide.

I’ll post pictures.

This year our four older children will be St Martin, Our Lady of Lourdes, Saint Therese the Little Flower, and Saint Francis. The baby will probably wear the old pumpkin costume that all our children have worn. I thought about dressing him up as the Infant of Prague, but that’s sort of crossing the line.


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  • Michael Barber

    Thomas. : ) 

  • Greg Graham

    I think you are more the St. Dominic build.

  • Elizabeth

    The dumb ox also, and the Infant of Prague sounds reeeeally good!

  • JMJ2in1

    What spirituality are you closer to. The Dominicans or the… oh, yeah St. Thomas was a Domican 🙂 Flip a coin.

  • stephen e dalton

    If yo have a lot of heretics in your neighbourhood, go as St Domonic; it will drive them to repentance!

  • GFvonB

    Depends on your weight. And don’t forget the full tonsure!

  • Anthony OPL

    Does it matter? Go as both! For St Thomas put a bright Sun of Justice (a shiny star) on your chest, for St Dominic put it on your head.