Great Video: Our Lady of Good Voyage Procession with Statues (Franciscans of Immaculate)

I just love the Franciscans of the Immaculate. They represent the Franciscan tradition with Marian devotion to the n-th degree! You can’t beat that!

Watch this great video in honor of Our Lady of Good Voyage, replete with processed statues of Our Lady and Saint Joseph, flowers, and balloons. The procession happened in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Taylor Marshall

HT: Father Joseph Mary McShane

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  • twins

    As a current Presbyterian who hopes to soon be in full communion, I can say that not too long ago I would have seen that as gross idolatry and pointless. Now, I see just plain devotion and beauty that nearly brings me to tears. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Ken Wilsker

    What a great coincidence, I too am drawn toward the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the Marian spirituality of Maximillian Kolbe.  In fact Father Joseph Mary McShane met in a retreat center in Bloomington, Indiana.  Unfortunately, recently at the retreat center I heard a teaching to the MIM that was full of super sessionism and replacement theology.  I believe I mentioned this to you when we met.  I was heart broken.  I know that this is not part of the FI spirituality but it makes it difficult for me to go back. I pray for the Priest and the order because this is a cancer that can cause ruin to the retreat center if allowed to continue.  Please pray that a correction comes.  In Genesis, God says that I will bless those who bless my people and curse those who curse my people.  Over the course of history we see that God is true to his promises.  Mother Miriam ora pro nobis. 

  • thomas.tucker

    Where is the music from?  Heavenly- I must have it.