Women Bishops Reveal Protestantism of the Church of England

Just in case you were not convinced already: the Church of England is Protestant. The sad story continues to be told as the Church of England has given the green light to to the “ordination” of women “bishops.” The claim of High Church Anglicans that Anglicanism has maintained apostolic succession evaporates with this decision. More than anything, this decision reveals that mainstream Anglicanism does not maintain the robust theology of the sacerdotal priesthood held by Rome and the East.

It is a sad day for the Church of England. Yet, this event may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many traditionalist Anglicans. Pope Benedict XVI never looked friendlier. Let’s pray for our Anglican friends.

Damian Thompson wrote up the story nicely:

Tonight the Church of England finally acknowledged something that has been obvious since 1992, when it decided to ordain women priests: that it remains, despite the Oxford Movement, and as John Henry Newman came to believe very firmly, a Protestant Church.

As such, it enjoys the freedom to follow the example of its Reformed counterparts in other countries and ordain women to the highest level of ministry, whatever it chooses to call it. (The fact that England’s established Church calls its senior presbyters “bishops” is a matter of historical accident: had circumstances been different in 1558, it might have gone the way of Scotland.)

Now that this freedom is to be fully exercised, what will happen to Anglo-Catholic traditionalists? Many will quietly, without ever admitting the fact, come to terms with their Protestant identity and stay in the C of E. Others will leave for breakaway Anglican denominations or join the Orthodox.

Those who are exploring the Roman option should not be hurried. It’s wrong to say that anyone forced out of Anglicanism cannot become a good Catholic: many great converts stayed in the C of E for as long as their consciences would permit them. But, once they were Catholics, they recognised that they were no longer Anglicans.

Read it all from Damian’s blog: Women bishops: now no one can deny that the Church of England is Protestant

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  • Warren Anderson

    The barque of Peter has steered very close to the shores upon which protestants have been standing. Having seen the approaching vessel, most mock Her for steering so close to the reefs. Some of the onlookers are amazed at how the large vessel safely navigates the narrow channels and treacherous shoals. 

    The captain calls out and offers to rescue the doomed islanders. They majority scoff at the captain’s proposal and continue to jeer. However, a few realize that the ship has come close for a reason and begin calling out for help. The captain hears their pleading and instructs the helmsman to turn even closer for shore.

    What the jeering onlookers don’t realize is that the island upon which they are standing is rapidly sinking into the sea. They think the rising water is a blessing, i.e., the water’s edge is now so much closer to their homes and they no longer have to walk so far to the beach. Oblivious to the threat, a bunch of giddy old schoolgirls play dress-up and stand around admiring each other in their fancy hats.

    It remains to be seen whether or not the few who realize what’s happening are willing to swim for their lives to reach the safety of the barque of Peter, or be sucked under. 

    The rescue ship has never been closer.

  • BT

    “Bishop” or Bishop, do you admit the possibility these women’s faith may be as strong as or stronger than that of the cardinal electors, and their subordinates in the Curia?  How about the perverts masquerading as priests, of impeccable apostolic succession?

    Yes, yes, they aren’t even Christian.  I know that.  Are they better human beings?  And if they are, where does that leave you?