Pope Benedict Will Not Meet Prince Charles

His Holiness Benedict XVI will not meet with Prince Charles in his upcoming visit to England. However, the Holy Father will meet with the reigning Queen Elizabeth II. Reports claim that Prince Charles demanded that he have his only personal meeting with the pontiff separate from that of the queen. The Pope would not conform to the prince’s request. Ergo, no meeting between the pope and prince.

The turn of events may also relate to how Prince Charles has publicly favored Islam and also announced that he would change the royal title of “Defender of the Faith” to “Defender of Faiths.”

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  • Irish

    Well its nice that the Holy Father is visiting the UK. Its a pity he couldn’t make the short trip (32 miles) across the Irish Sea, to visit the poor Church, which has been destroyed by the scandal of sex abuse by priests…… Maybe his reception might not be so welcoming – best stick to meeting Charlie, Papa!! 

  • Seminarian

    This is not really related to your post, but does anyone know you painted the Resurrection which we see in the background in the pope’s office in this photo?

  • steve dalton

    Why should the Pope meet with PC? The Queen  is a very serious lady and the actual ruler of England. Charley is a flakey new ager who needs to be told Defender of the Faith means the Christian faith, the Catholic faith, not Islam, Wicca, or even the dying church of England.

  • Tony Clark

    I seem to recall an English cleric remark to me that, “Charles talks to the trees…”

  • lazaruslupin

    Neither lose in this since their faithful aren’t generally a part of the same circle if one does venn diagrams.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review