On the radio tomorrow: Catholic Summer Reading

Evelyn Waugh, be ready to meet Saint Teresa of Avila…
I’ll be on the Son Rise Morning Show syndicated through EWTN Radio at 8:50am EST or 7:50am CST Monday morning (July 26) recommending Catholic books for summer reading. I’ve picked a variety ranging from fiction to devotional.
Please say a brief prayer for me as I always get a not in my stomach – though this one should be fun!

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  • Terry Fenwick

    Someone just sent me – my birthday was this week – a new book by our Pope Benedict XVI called The Joy of Knowing Christ: Meditations on the Gospels by Pope Benedict XVI (Paperback – Jan 2, 2009) 

    Great book!  Some special things about the Blessed Mother

  • Taylor Marshall

    Dear Terry,

    I can’t wait to this book. Thanks for letting us know!


  • Kristin

    Found out about your summer reading broadcast the day after 🙁   Any possibility you could post your recommendations?