Mosque to be built at Ground Zero in New York City!

This is crazy. In a vote 29 to 1, New York has approved a request to build an Islamic mosque and Muslim center near Ground Zero in New York City.

The subtle message is as old as Islam. Muslims erect mosques over their places of conquest. History contains several notable examples:

  • Muhammad built a mosque at the Ka’aba, a pagan pantheon, when he conquered Mecca.
  • Muslims erected a mosque over the holiest site in Judaism (the Temple mount) when they conquered Jerusalem.
  • When Muslims conquered the Christian city of Damascus they built their chief mosque (Ummayad Mosque) over the Church of Saint John.
  • When the Muslims conquered Cordoba, they transformed the city’s cathedral into a mosque.
  • Similarly, Muslims desecrated the Orthodox Cathedral of Constantinople (Hagia Sophia) when they conquered Constantinople. They transformed the city’s chief church into a mosque by painting over the images of Christ and writing verses from the Koran over them.
  • Likewise, Muslims have built mosques over Hindu temples and shrines.

New York City, please wake up. A mosque at groud zero isn’t an ecumenical gesture (Islam doesn’t believe in ecumenism). Rather, a mosque at ground zero is a sign of triumph – just as the Muslim Dome of the Rock stands over the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The West is still asleep.

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  • Robb76

    Follow the money some person(s) have been paid off big time.

  • wineinthewater

    I think you’re severely over-reacting here.  I do not doubt the pattern that you outline.  Most conquerors overbuild the sacred sites of the conquered.  The Pantheon is now a Santa Maria after all.

    But to say that this is an example of this pattern is to say that these Muslims are the same Muslims that flew planes into the WTC.  You make all Muslims complicit in that attack.  I find that assertion frightening.

  • Sean M


    Just so you are aware, it is a community center that includes a mosque and it is being built near the WTC, not on top of it.

    Furthermore, as America does strive after certain freedoms, they must even be granted to those who wish to see them eliminated (not that this is necessarily the case with the muslim community involved in desiring to build this community center).

  • Susan Whorton

    Good grief, a MOSQUE will be built @ Ground Zero!

  • Lee Koehler

    Desecrating and converting temples, shrines, and churches is far from abnormal. It is the standard practice is all religions and has been for a very long time.

    The decision to permit a mosque to be built near ground zero strikes me as uninteresting from the perspective of religious history, but extremely revealing about the primacy of property and the rule if law in the US.

  • Tim

    Not AT ground zero but NEAR ground zero…

    How near?

  • Irish

    What I find disturbing about your post Taylor is the assumption that the people building the mosque in New York have somehow a spiritual connection to the 9/11 extremists which destroyed the towers. This terrible generalization on your part.

    The plans for the mosque were already underway before the attacks on 9/11. So the two can’t be connected..


    The New York Muslin community have no more of a connection to that atrocity, than you (as a priest of Christ) have to the Christian crusaders who tortured Muslim children,  boiled them alive and then proceeded to gorge on there flesh, after the fall of Jerusalem.


    Secondly, you only have to look at the parallels between Christians & Muslims when its comes to conquering cities and empires.

    Just look at our wonderful Cathedral in Mexico City built with the very bricks of the Inca temples. !! So a bit of balance would be nice, rather than this blatant scare mongering.


    Ill not even start on the prospect of those “Rome leaning Anglican” who might wish to be subsumed, Parish, Cathedral, & dioceses to this new Anglican ordinate. You might as well ask Dr Williams to leave the keys under the door mat.

  • chris

    I’m oroginally from N.Y. & I’m appalled that we are allowing a mosyue to be built near our sacred ground.I feel we are just asking for trouble.