21 Altars of the Sacred Scriptures

1. Built by Noah
Gen. 8:20
2. Built by Abraham in Shechem, in Hebron, and in Moriah
Gen. 12:7-8; 13:18; 22:2, 9
3. Built by Isaac
Gen. 26:25
4. Built by Jacob at Shechem and at Bethel
Gen. 33:20; 35:1-7
5. Built by Moses
Exod. 17:15
6. Built by Balak
Num. 23:1, 4, 14
7. Built by Joshua
Josh. 8:30
8. Built by the tribes living east of Jordan
Josh. 22:10
9. Built by Gideon
Judg. 6:24
10. Built by Manoah
Judg. 13:20
11. Built by Israel
Judg. 21:4
12. Built by Samuel
1 Sam. 7:15, 17
13. Built by Saul
1 Sam. 14:35
14. Built by David
2 Sam. 24:25
15. Built by Jeroboam
1 Kings 12:32-33
16. Built by Ahab
1 Kings 16:32
17. Built by Elijah
1 Kings 18:31-32
18. Built by Uriah
2 Kings 16:11
19. Built by Manasseh
2 Kings 21:3
20. Built by Zerubbabel
Ezra 3:2
21. Rededicated by the Maccabees
2 Mac 2:19
22. Christians have a Eucharistic altar
Heb 13:10

There are four basic kinds of altars in the Bible: (1) earthen, (2) stone, (3) wood covered with brass, and (4) wood covered with gold.

Notice that wood was used, it was always covered with medal. Something to think about…

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  • The Wallaces

    Didn’t you leave out the celestial altar in the Apocalypse?

  • Taylor Marshall

    Big time omission!
    I’ll work on that.
    Taylor Marshall
    On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 12:31 PM, Echo <

  • Philip

    What is the significance of metal on wood?

  • Taylor Marshall

    Metal signifies glory. It reflects light and it’s typically costly and
    Also, wood is organic – once living. It must be covered.

  • Br. Tom Forde OFMCap

    If you visit the Franciscan sanctuaries in Italy it is not uncommon to find very old wooden altars.  I am thinking of Grecchio in the Rieti valley and Monte Casale near Arezzo, Tuscany.  I suppose the altar stone that contains the relics of the Saints may meet the biblical connection.   I also saw wooden tabernacles.  You can see photos of them here: http://thegoodthebadandthejustplainugly.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-07-07T22%3A20%3A00%2B01%3A00&max-results=7 .

  • Your name (required)

    If you visit the Museo di San Marco in Florence, the museum-cum-convent where Fra Angelico lived and worked, you can see on display some of the tabernacle door pieces that he painted. These are all gilded wood. Quite beautiful.