You’ve Heard of the Pro-Life Tebow Ad – Have You Heard about the Pro-Abortion Ad from the Olympic Gold Medalist?

Okay, so by now you’ve heard of Tim Tebow’s amazing pro-life Superbowl ad…but have you heard about this new “pro-choice” advertisement being put out by Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner and former NFL football player Sean James on behalf of Planned Parenthood?

It seems that Planned Parenthood is striking back. Both Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner and former NFL player Sean James have performed for a Planned Parenthood video. Both men speak up for “women’s choices,” which is always code for “let the abortion of babies be legal.” Remarkably, the video directly addresses Tebow’s mother. The gist of this pro-abortion video is that everyone’s decisions should be respected…

But doesn’t that beg the question? If abortion kills another human being, how can we respect that?

I’ll post more as I learn more.

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