Abortion, College Girls, and Christmas Vacation

Several years ago, I was praying one morning at the local Planned Parenthood as they began lining up girls for abortions. It was the Thursday before Christmas, business was not as usual. It was extra busy. College girls were home from college and needed to get their “problem” taken care of before the holidays.

I saw several college age girls with out-of-state plates. I saw a mother in a Christmas sweater driving her twenty-year-old daughter into the parking lot of the abortion mill. I also saw the very typical scene of the boyfriend/husband dropping off the lady for her abortion while he went to Starbucks, breakfast…fill-in-the-blank.

Praying at an abortion mill is always a sorrowful time, but to see young girls murdering their children just days before Christ’s birth is truly heartbreaking. I’m sure many of those girls were in church for Christmas a few days later. How terrifying the contradiction must have been. Thanks be to God that I did see at least one couple sit in the car and finally drive away from the Planned Parenthood. They made the right decision.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us pray for those young women who are making one of the most difficult decisions of their life. There are countless girls who are coming home form college and telling their mothers through tears, “Mom, I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do…” Pray for life.

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