Christ’s name halts the alien abduction process!

This is ridiculous. According to the Examiner, invoking Christ’s name halts the alien abduction process! This would confirm the claim of Orthodox priest Seraphim Rose that aliens and UFOs are merely diabolical apparitions of demons. Or it could mean that people are just crazy.

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  • Testo

    No it’s not ridiculous, i used to commonly be pestered what I thought were demons as a youth. The description of the terror verbatim matches the descriptions given by UFO abductees. I would always pray the Lords Prayer to fend them off. How sad some of you are so quick to write this off, it is a terrifying experience, the Father is correct

  • Taylor Marshall

    No doubt, being pestered by others is terrible. However, one should not reject the Catholic faith on account of those Catholics who undermine the Faith that they claim to possess.

    If my faith depended on the behavior of other Catholics, I would have abandoned it long ago. Instead, my Catholic faith is anchored in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

    May God bless you and guide you.