The Sarum Use Rosary (I’m not making this up)

A lot of bogus traditions and practices are circulated (particuarly in Anglican circles) about the “Sarum Use” of the Roman Rite. (I’ve written about an example of “Sarum abuse” in the liturgy over here) and also about confusion of “Sarum blue” in Advent over here.) “Sarum” refers to Salisbury, the esteemed place of English liturgical preservation prior to the Reformation.

Here is a Sarum usage that is legit. It’s the Sarum Rosary, which is remarkably similar to the contemporary “Scriptural Rosary”.

There are five decades and each Ave Mary begins with an event from the life of Christ. The fifth decade climaxes in the Second Coming of Christ. Quite beautiful. The Thesaurus Precum Latinarum has made the entire Sarum Rosary available in both Latin and English. Check it out.

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