Feel the Power of the Botafumeiro!

Yesterday was the feast of St James the Greater, first martyr of the Apostles.

Last year’s feast was incredible simply on account of our guest priest’s homily. I don’t know who he was, but the priest preached a homily about Saint James the “Moor Slayer”. It was the most un-politically correct thing that I have ever heard in a homily and thoroughly refreshing.

Not only is Saint James the patron of “moor slaying” but his shrine in Spain contains…silence please…the Botafumeiro.

As I said last year, one of the best things about being Catholic is being in communion not only with the Holy Father, but also with the Botafumeiro itself. Catholic brothers and sisters, if you ever become discouraged, just know that there is a incense thurible over six feet tall swinging around in a Saint James Compestella in Spain. No other religion would dare to have something so awesome.

The Botafumeiro or “Smoke Boat” is the world’s largest thurible and it resides in the shrine of St James in Compestella. They literally load it up with shovels of incense. It’s simply amazing. If more churches were equipped with botafumeiros, there would likely not be a vocations shortage.

As an Eastern Catholic once told me, “More incense, less nonsense.”

This post is dedicated to the Reverend Lee Nelson and the Very Reverend Christopher Stainbrook – men with a fondness for smoky liturgies.

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