Dr. Carl Trueman and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

An old professor of mine that I hold dear recently posted a light criticism and an undue compliment:
A former student of mine (and probably one of the most successful, entertaining and least narcissistic bloggers in the US) has brought his readers attention to Rowan Williams’ latest gaffe. My only criticism: come on, Taylor, you’re dissing of Cranmer is too much, even for a lifelong opponent of Anglicanism such as myself. Your old CH prof, even with all his nasty prejudices, surely taught you better than that!

Prof. Trueman is too kind. Let me reciprocate by saying that Dr. Carl Trueman (at Westminster Theological Seminary) is a first class church historian – the kind of guy who can highlight Thomistic undertones in John Owen’s writings. Pretty cool.

Anyway, regarding Cranmer, the man was neither Lutheran, nor Calvinist, nor Zwinglian, nor papist. His liturgical diction and translations were brilliant, but that doesn’t make him a great theologian. Moreover, he continually waffled on key theological statements. A man truly blown by every wind of doctrine. Cranmer equivocated unto the very end.

Read Carl Trueman’s group blog: Reformation 21

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