Does God Want Joel Osteen to be Rich?

Great new article in Time: Does God Want You to be Rich by David Van Biema and Jeff Chu. This quote by a follower of Osteen is disturbing:

“I’m dreaming big–because all of heaven is dreaming big,” Adams continues. “Jesus died for our sins. That was the best gift God could give us,” he says. “But we have something else. Because I want to follow Jesus and do what he ordained, God wants to support us. It’s Joel Osteen’s ministry that told me. Why would an awesome and mighty God want anything less for his children?”

I’m a father who loves his children, but that doesn’t mean that my kids get to “dream big” and go to Toys ‘R Us every weekend. We tend to call children with this mentality “brats”.

I was at a Texas Ranger game yesterday and the people in the row behind me were talking about how “awesome” Joel Osteen is. I’m disturbed. Is this what American “Christianity” is coming to?

Hat tip to my sister Amber.

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