Does This Cause You To Pause?

I very much appreciate the Psalm reciting custom that I learned at Nashotah House. During the recitation of the Psalter in said Morning and Evening Prayer a slight pause should be made at the asterisk that appears in the middle of ever verse of the Psalter.

For example:

I will preach the law, whereof the Lord hath said unto me * Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee. (Psalm 2:7)

At the asterisk you would pause for a moment and so on for every line of the Psalm. The reason I like this is that it creates a very devotional dimension to the Psalter – a moment to consider the words. It also allows the reading to be a sort of lectio divina – a contemplative, prayerful reading of Sacred Scripture.

I’m interested in your opinion on this and I am especially interested in the customs of our brethren over-seas.

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